Do your Exits lack Experience?


Thank you, Will be back again!!

Does that sound familiar? May be that’s what you said while checking out of one of the last resorts you visited for a family vacation. Imagine if you would have said this without a good customer experience. I bet no matter how they would have served the welcome drink but the exit is what remains in our mind for long.

Now let’s quickly get into our workplace, we try our level best to hire sharp recruiters, get best of Marketing people and above all do so much of brainstorming to welcome our new onboards. And yes all this does fetch us the best of people around and here we give ourselves High Five for all what we did to attract talent with one single agenda of organizational effectiveness and thus optimizing business returns.

But what happens moment one of them says ‘I Quit’!!

Do we not start a differential treatment even after two hours of retention talk doesn’t change his mind?

Even interesting is the how much we convince an expected joinee to join ASAP but unknowingly the outgoing employee (YES he is still your employee, while former has just accepted the offer) gets most of the brunt. Probably we have not saved any efforts to make the exit an experience to remember for life. Something he would go back and cherish in years to come and above all might just bring him back again to the same old place.
It easier to say then do, after all we are in business for profits and sadly and outgoing employee doesn’t contribute much. Or we never made it such.

Limit follow ups: Joining another organization is just a career move which at one point of time we all have to make, so why fuss around in terms of documentation and financial settlement which by all means he has earned for himself in due course.

Part to meet again: Farewell sometimes are just mere formalities instead it is a good time to appreciate and makes the outgoing employee feel special on the last day. Remember that’s your last chance to leave an impact as an employer and yes also an opportunity to have him back in future .

No Excuses please: Some leave supervisors others leave organization , some leave early other after ages. What’s important to acknowledge the same and accept the constructive feedback in the same way you accept employees to accept yours. Remember it’s not time to defend anymore but to give an ear. The feedback might help you avoid some resignation in drafts go live.

Don’t loose the connect: Employee leaves the workplace but retains the work he did. Make him your brand ambassador and stay in touch. You never know whom does he refers you too, so make sure you have some online engagement for ex-employees too.

Farewells are not bad if Inductions are good. If one helps to motivate new joinees then you certainly want your ex employees to carry your name beyond your premises . Make a practice to thank and say that you “Fared Well” and let them say.. ‘Will be back again!!’

RakshitaRakshita Dwivedi comes with around six years of varied HR experience with MNC’s and Startups. Currently she is associated with plugHR. Mathematics has always made data analytics one of her favorites which later shaped in the form of interest for technology and social media applications. She has always believed that HR is about stepping in employer’s shoes while still being an employee and indeed such challenging task is worthy of all the efforts put in to strike the right balance. Writing is her passion which helps her connect with a wider audience and makes her write for plugHR . In the past she has written for Fleximoms and Avatar too. Read her blog here. Connect with her on LinkedInFacebook & on twitter at@rak_d.



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