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  • The Future of Employer Branding

    The Future of Employer Branding

    It is not about winning the war for talent anymore! But it is about how to become an employer of choice and outperform competition so that the talent chooses to join your organization no matter how tough the competition is. And you can attain that goal by building your Employer Brand! Successful organizations have taken a step ahead by building their Employer Brand and using it as a talent attraction strategy. With the use of social media, now organization can […]

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  • Do your Exits lack Experience?

    Do your Exits lack Experience?

    Thank you, Will be back again!! Does that sound familiar? May be that’s what you said while checking out of one of the last resorts you visited for a family vacation. Imagine if you would have said this without a good customer experience. I bet no matter how they would have served the welcome drink but the exit is what remains in our mind for long. Now let’s quickly get into our workplace, we try our level best to hire […]

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  • The Training Function of 2014

    The Training Function of 2014

    The role of the Training / L&D function has evolved over the last few years. The hyper connectedness & changing needs of the business have placed the training function at a pivotal point within the organisation. As a training manager, I have been reflecting on these changes over the last three years. In 2011, I thought the focus on informal learning and e-learning were the game changers with organisations trying to do more with less & training ROI taking center […]

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  • Blended + Social Learning Journey

    Blended + Social Learning Journey

    There has been quite a bit of rhetoric in the L&D community around the need to create learning journeys instead of learning events. Add to this the noise around social & blended learning and you can imagine that as L&D professionals, we are faced with more ideas than we can implement.     We recently concluded a learning journey (10 weeks long) to train some of our colleagues on ‘Basic Quality Tools’ & this blog is an attempt to share the […]

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  • Why HR must GO MOBILE

    Why HR must GO MOBILE

    We are living in a high tech world where everything is just a click away. Thanks to the smart phone developers for making our life easier and faster. From movies to shopping to travel, we access everything on mobile. More or less every function of a modern business is available on mobile today and soon we will see our HR process going MOBILE. Mobile application isn’t alien to Human resources. We have already adopted mobile in our recruitment and hiring […]

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  • HR beyond employees with Dr. SK Mahapatra

    HR beyond employees with Dr. SK Mahapatra

    The role of HR has gone beyond employee management, to people management, in a holistic way, as the recipe of success. says, Dr. SK Mahapatra Since we had some technical glitches last time the show has been rescheduled to Feb 18th at 8pm IST, Hope you all can join us! Join us, while we discuss  ‘HR beyond employees’ with our honored guest  Dr. Saroj Kumar Mahapatra, Group Ethics Officer of Jindal Steel & Power and Vice President & Head HR of the […]

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