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  • Its time for a small break

    Its time for a small break

      Sometimes a break from the routine is the very thing you need Absolutely and that’s what we realize that Indiahrlive and the team has never been on a break. Yes, from last 2 years we have been on the GO every month to bring together a great panel of guest for our audience and the support has always been overwhelming. Indiahrlive is now close to its 2nd anniversary, time for some celebration and this is how we all decided […]

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  • Make In India – The People’s Perspective

    Make In India – The People’s Perspective

    Make in India is not just a program , it can become a national campaign to improve innovation, intention, production and manufacturing in India. With the major focus on improving economy and employment opportunities, this new initiative is generating response from all major sectors in India. NIPM Mumbai arranged a national summit on the topic Make in India-The people perspective. Our guest blogger for today , Heet Pandya is sharing with us the main highlights and discussion from the event. […]

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  • Is equal opportunity for women real?

    Is equal opportunity for women real?

    I have been reading, writing and listening more about  diversity at work lately and that drives me to write this post. Of all diversity concerns, gender diversity has received most attention and action by organizations everywhere. From “Equal-opportunity” to “Return-at-work” programs, organizations are doing everything to position themselves as preferred employer by men and women equally. Unlike past, women today are not inferior but rather a substantial workforce population. While women are all prepared and organizations too are acting supportive to […]

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  • Have you held on to your startup DNA?

    Have you held on to your startup DNA?

    Think Google and Amazon and you think innovation. You think incredible products. You think of good, solid experiences. But I think there is a far stronger lesson to carry forward from these orgs. It is their agility. It is the sense of fun and unpredictability. It is the ability to innovate not once or twice but on a continuous ongoing basis. And it has managed to hold on to all of these attributes over the years. What I call the […]

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  • Meet Sarang Brahme – #IndiaHRLIVE Co-host

    Meet Sarang Brahme – #IndiaHRLIVE Co-host

    This year we are making some changes to India HR LIVE show. One of those is adding one more Co-host to the team. At India HR LIVE we are excited to welcome Mr. Sarang Brahme as our new Co-host! Sarang brings in over a decade of experience in talent acquisition with specialization in sourcing and social recruiting as his areas of passion. He has strong experience in global as well as India hiring processes. In his current role as Global Lead – […]

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  • Are we ready for latest Social Media Trends?

    Are we ready for latest Social Media Trends?

    Interesting title right. Many of you (Including me) )would say that we are just about to get into Social Recruiting, Learning, Employer Branding and you already talking about getting ready for the future? We are just exploring it, we are getting ready to adopt it, we are getting ready to embrace it. So hang on to the future, it can wait. But unfortunately Social Media will not wait for us. Social Media is all set to grow even with a […]

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  • Social Learning via WhatsApp!! Possible?

    Social Learning via WhatsApp!! Possible?

    “WhatsApp for Social Recruiting ” itself is a new concept and now you want us to explore it for Social Leaning? Hmmm… Social Learning on Twitter Possible? 10 out of 10 would have said a big Yes. Social Learning via WhatsApp? 1 out of 10 would say a Big Yes. So now you must be looking for the 1 person who said YES Well, that one person is the one who is writing this post. We have been trained to […]

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  • Meet Ruchi Bhatia – #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Meet Ruchi Bhatia – #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Today, as we celebrate our first anniversary #IndiaHRLIVEYear1 we are glad to welcome our newbie Ruchi Bhatia to the team. Ruchi works as HR Consultant with IBM India. She is Recruitment Branding Lead, has worked into various HR roles in IBM. Earlier in  Centre of Excellence,  Talent Organization where she was a PD Lead for GTS India/SA and delivered on ISA, GMU and Global Assignments related to Career Development . Prior to that she had been a WorkForce Partner with IBM […]

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  • 6 characteristics of high-performing global HR teams

    6 characteristics of high-performing global HR teams

    Working in virtual global teams is the new way. Spread across various geographies, global teams collaborate, gaining from each other’s perspectives to deliver superior results. This way of working offers consistency, efficiency and superior results, while leveraging talent. Some teams succeed at this better than others. Below I have listed  some characteristics of teams that are more successful: 1.        Move beyond cultural differences to establish common ground Great global teams move beyond cultural differences and work on the  similarities. This […]

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  • Meet Ellora Panda – #IndiaHRLIVE Event Coordinator

    Meet Ellora Panda – #IndiaHRLIVE Event Coordinator

    We are excited to share that we are adding one more person to our wolf pack. Ellora Panda has always been a wonderful friend and great ambassador for India HR LIVE since we launched. We were humbled to have her support. She has been introducing us to eminent guests and speakers and we are delighted to officially welcome her as our Event Coordinator. Meet Ellora Panda –  #IndiaHRLIVE Event Coordinator Here comes her intro:) Hi,  I am currently based out of Kolkata […]

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