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  • Hire for Diversity – Part 2

    Hire for Diversity – Part 2

    Diversity is not a buzz word! Successful organizations take deliberate efforts to have a diversity program in place. They have experienced that having diverse workforce helped them further their company goals. Infact, When organization expand globally being able to adapt to the new culture and render services based on individual needs of people from a multi cultural environment will be very crucial. And so does the need for a Diverse Workforce! The first part of Hire for Diversity was aired […]

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  • 3 reasons why Stay Interviews are not success

    3 reasons why Stay Interviews are not success

    All employee engagement experts propose that Stay Interviews are better retention tool than Exit Interviews. If you invest in employees when they are part of your organization, you win their confidence in your culture and process. But once they are gone, they are gone… exit interviews can contribute to process improvement (if at all the suggestions are implemented) but do not often help in retaining employees. The focus of Stay Interviews is to find out employees expectations, problems and motivational […]

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  • #IndiaHRLIVEYear1 Celebrations

    #IndiaHRLIVEYear1 Celebrations

    At India HR LIVE we started off with an intention to transform HR by one show at a time. An initiative that we started this time last year has now grown to a global level and we are super proud about it. Using technology, we lead out a learning platform where our audience can learn from insightful panel discussions and one on one interviews with the  thought leaders around the world. And we are honored and humbled to have the […]

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  • Leveraging performance for Business : The High Potential Employees

    Leveraging performance for Business : The High Potential Employees

    Businesses are successful when all the stakeholders are aligned to one vision and one dream. And to achieve this , every organization strives towards nurturing , nourishing and developing the talent pipeline which is an important component . Identifying, developing, nurturing and nourishing the talent is a critical success factor .Today ,organizations  engaging in talent review and succession planning typically identify a subset of leaders known as “High Potentials.” High Potential leaders (HIPOs) exhibit many skills and characteristics, typically linked […]

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  • #IndiaHRLIVE storify on #Executivecoaching and #Organziationaldevelopment

    #IndiaHRLIVE storify on #Executivecoaching and #Organziationaldevelopment

    Thank you so much to our audience on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and our Youtube subscribers for watching & promoting the show – a LIVE Global Panel discussion on ‘The Role of Executive Coaching in Organizational Development on April 1st, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 9.30 am CST /10.30 am EST with our honored guests. [View the story “#IndiaHRLIVE storify on #Executivecoaching” on Storify]

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  • When you bring your own device at work

    When you bring your own device at work

    Technology, flexibility and innovation are the words that best describe today’s workplace. Adding to the trend is the Bring your own device (BYOD) concept that allows employees to use their own device- laptop, mobile, tablet etc at work. Study or work, BYOD is ruling everywhere. To employees, the idea appeals as it offer work flexibility and there is no added responsibility to carry and protect company’s device. But if you are using or planning to use your personal device at […]

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  • The Future of Employer Branding

    The Future of Employer Branding

    It is not about winning the war for talent anymore! But it is about how to become an employer of choice and outperform competition so that the talent chooses to join your organization no matter how tough the competition is. And you can attain that goal by building your Employer Brand! Successful organizations have taken a step ahead by building their Employer Brand and using it as a talent attraction strategy. With the use of social media, now organization can […]

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  • Do your Exits lack Experience?

    Do your Exits lack Experience?

    Thank you, Will be back again!! Does that sound familiar? May be that’s what you said while checking out of one of the last resorts you visited for a family vacation. Imagine if you would have said this without a good customer experience. I bet no matter how they would have served the welcome drink but the exit is what remains in our mind for long. Now let’s quickly get into our workplace, we try our level best to hire […]

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  • HR beyond employees with Dr. SK Mahapatra

    HR beyond employees with Dr. SK Mahapatra

    The role of HR has gone beyond employee management, to people management, in a holistic way, as the recipe of success. says, Dr. SK Mahapatra Since we had some technical glitches last time the show has been rescheduled to Feb 18th at 8pm IST, Hope you all can join us! Join us, while we discuss  ‘HR beyond employees’ with our honored guest  Dr. Saroj Kumar Mahapatra, Group Ethics Officer of Jindal Steel & Power and Vice President & Head HR of the […]

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  • LIVE talk on Nurturing and Advancing a Knowledge Community

    LIVE talk on Nurturing and Advancing a Knowledge Community

    A knowledge community is a professional group where people come together voluntarily with others to share similar interests and learn from others’ skills. Vibrant communities are those which operate in an environment of trust and mutual understanding which encourages learning and candid dialogue. They are safe havens where people who do not know can learn from those who do know and those who know can learn even more…. In organizations, “communities of practice” have turned out to be the key […]

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