Disgruntled Employee Shutting Down Company’s image

3D-Angry-FaceWe usually talk about dis-engaged employees and productivity but what  about disgruntled employees? Employees who are really angry or upset at work are not much talked about as these cases do not occur very often or organizations do not consider the potential risk involved with such employees. Our guest blogger today Pradnya Gorde talks about disgruntled employees and how organizations shall deal with them

Disgruntled Employee Shutting Down Company’s image

Once a upon a time a video was uploaded showing that the actor’s much coveted body was computer generated, not surprisingly, news and video spread like viral. The showstopper of this leaked video was from the well known company who had corrected Salman’s body in the movie “Ek tha Tiger”. After digging in to this news, the information which came out to the limelight was shocking –a disgruntled employee has leaked the video. Apparently, this so called disgruntled employee got pink-slipped from the company. To read the new click here 

This alleged employee is from Tata Elxsi-a design company that design technology, creativity and engineering. One of the fraternities of TATA group eminent in nurturing employees like a family, well known for its culture, procedures, systems and set up. However, with such instance, many questions pops up – Is all this well established set up and procedures on paper, for getting quality certification or showcasing that we are from TATA group so everything has to be ALL IS WELL, Are they following TATA’s set-up, systems, procedures  etc.

Company be it TATA or any other, data leaks like above not only affects the reputation of the company, but also can leads to legal action, causing severe damage to an organisation. We can give guarantee of technology if audited and tested at a frequent interval and many companies follow this regime by inviting outsider (Quality check auditors) to check systems, procedures, technology warehouse, business continuity plans etc. Secondly, department heads (mostly of other department) pinpoints the pitfalls of the procedure of other departments (positively, I guess) and in collaboration with management fix up the procedures or find way out for the problem hindering in the smooth functioning of the process. Even Government is very active in inspecting the legal compliances of the company, sending their inspectors/labour officer (voracious) to the company to check whether company is compliant in all  applicable acts (though meaningful applicability of the act is another story).

The main catch line is Company try to protect themselves from outside attacks, but leave their data insecure from inside or rather company unnoticed the employee’s voice. There is a one famous saying – Prevention is better than cure. But how will you prevent such mishaps – again by creating another policy, forming a new committee and submitting the “Nil” report to Management, the chances of this process again will get locked on paper after few years. So, WHAT TO DO. Here we go,

  1. Take a stock of employee’s satisfaction level through Employee satisfaction survey, culture survey etc
  2. Analyse the result of such survey, with collaboration, run a vision workshop at all level. Let employee know what is expected from them.
  3. Mentor, coach employees wherever required.
  4. Encourage employee to offer their suggestion by appreciating/rewarding their suggestions.
  5. Get rid of nasty employee. But be careful in this process. Following of PRINCIPLE OF NATURAL JUSTICE is MUST.
  6. Implement fair performance management and succession planning
  7. Train, train and train employees on required functional and behavioural areas.
  8. Last but not the least consistency in all the activities or processes is necessary and required in such employee engagement activities. 

Employee engagement fails after some years due to management’s lack of interest or becoming monotonous job for HR to arrange for new and exciting activities for the employee engagement. Employee engagement is not only on the radar of HR’s KRA, it should be actively supported at all levels. Hence, unless and until employee is doesn’t know what is expected from him, the involvement and dedication will be missing. Hence, create awareness of Company’s strategy, Vision, Mission amongst the employees, give them chance to speak up, hear their voice and see how magic creates of Company’s success.


 Pradnya Gorde specializes in the field of HR and has extensive experience of over 10  years mainly in service industry. As part of handling HR profile in Central  Depository Services (I) Ltd. (CDSL), she is overseeing recruitment/hiring,  placement, compensation learning and Development. As an academician, she has  done Masters in Labour Studies from Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies and  MBA in HR from Shri Ramkrishna International Institute, Mumbai. More recently,  she has done certification in HRD  audit from a well known B School – XLRI,  Jamshedpur. She is also a trained and certified Neuro-linguistic Programming  practitioner.






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