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  • Women at Work – Gender Diversity

    Women at Work – Gender Diversity

      Wait!! Women are at work… Now have you ever heard this? Answer is obvious, women have always been working however now they are omnipresent and work has new dimensions altogether. Still this doesn’t mean that the journey has been a cake walk. As much as the multi-talented , multifaceted fairer sex juggles between personal and professional front to walk as much as a mam would, they still encounter resistance and hurdles at various stage. So to discuss the depth […]

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  • Battling Workplace Depression

    Battling Workplace Depression

    Workplace depression or stress is a recent concern of  employers across the globe. Prolonged stress at work decreases overall productivity and performance of employees.   In US alone 1 million people miss work each day due to workplace stress. Can employers and HR alone deal with the situation? What can be done to identity and help someone dealing with workplace depression? Today’s post is contributed by our guest blogger KenaShree to highlight how similar cases go unnoticed around us and how […]

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  • Are Women deliberate about their careers

    Are Women deliberate about their careers

      Marriage, Maternity, miscarriages are amongst those major and sometimes unfortunate life events and challenges that women face in advancing their career. On top of it women still have to fight against gender and pay inequality and discrimination to break that glass ceiling. But how can they do that? How can women be more deliberate about the career choices that they make? How can they manage these life events and still be successful in their career. Here are some thoughts […]

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  • Let the Fun Begin!!

    Let the Fun Begin!!

    “Imagine an organization where people would love to come on a Monday and hate to leave on a Friday!!” In one of the interviews I was once asked, ‘Whether celebrating B’day can help retain employees’. Before I get in detail it’s very important to understand that employee engagement is a process which helps to build a connect between the employer and employee. Most organizations have realized how adding ‘Fun’ quotient to the environment helps engaging & retaining the talent. But […]

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  • Do Women have what it takes to Lead?

    Do Women have what it takes to Lead?

      This topic has been debated many times when it comes to gender and leadership. Some of the challenges for women, while climbing up the corporate ladder, can be gender bias, stereotypes and wrong judgement. But women in leadership roles have always proved their potential in taking up new challenges, being flexible at work and performing a delicate balancing act by using communal and inclusive approach to motivate her team. But yet… Why don’t we have more female leaders navigate […]

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  • #IndiaHRLIVE storify Nov 12th on #WomenatWork

    #IndiaHRLIVE storify Nov 12th on #WomenatWork

    Thank you so much to our audience on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and our Youtube subscribers for watching & promoting the LIVE show with Zenobia Madon, General Manager, Talent Acquisition-Philips India., Hritu Mehra, Director & Co-founder, Umana HR Services and Bobby Patnaik, GPHR, Manager Employee Relations, Infosys on ‘Can women have it all‘ on November 12th, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 8.30 CST / 9.30 EST. [View the story “#IndiaHRLIVE storify Nov 12th on #WomenatWork” on Storify]

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  • 6 Tips to make Work From Home really work!!

    6 Tips to make Work From Home really work!!

    Two things which people mostly envy about me are that my boss never questions me on my 24*7 presence on Facebook/Twitter and second I work from home. Well, more than former the latter might not be quite convincing for many of you. It’s just not you, in fact two years back I too considered work ‘from’ home more as work ‘for’ home. I mostly considered work from home as good as not working at all or at least not as […]

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