Its time for a small break


WorkHardPlayHardSometimes a break from the routine is the very thing you need

Absolutely and that’s what we realize that Indiahrlive and the team has never been on a break. Yes, from last 2 years we have been on the GO every month to bring together a great panel of guest for our audience and the support has always been overwhelming. Indiahrlive is now close to its 2nd anniversary, time for some celebration and this is how we all decided to treat ourselves –  A BREAK.

We are going on a break in July, 2015 to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves and will be back in August, 2015 with our usual show schedule – 1st & 3rd Tuesday of every month.

If you wish to be a guest on our show or want to refer someone please contact us :



See you all in August, 2015 and hope to get your corporation and support (as always) as we enter our third year as #TeamIndiahrlive.  Till then let’s all be connected on our blog, twitter & Facebook.



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