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  • Recruiting Trends in 2015

    Recruiting Trends in 2015

      Recruitment Industry is always changing yet highly competitive with all the latest tools and technologies. But how do we get our recruiters to look past this technologies and get back to the basics of providing great job search experience for their applicants and meeting organizational goals. And how to beat the competition by knowing where the recruitment industry is headed and what are some recruiting trends to watch in 2015. Join us while we share the platform with #1 Recruiters, Talent Acquisition leaders, Social […]

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  • HR in a Startup!!

    HR in a Startup!!

    Recently one of my meetings with a young entrepreneur made me reflect back on last couple of years when I have been working in start up space. Working with highly ambitious first generation entrepreneurs is like walking on a tight rope. At one place where they have vision to take their enterprises to next level , human resources still remains to be there perpetual pain. Human resources no matter how easy it sounds is actually a mix of complex behaviors  […]

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  • CEO and CHRO Leadership Roles and Styles for Organization Development

    CEO and CHRO Leadership Roles and Styles for Organization Development

    Leadership styles make an impact. Research studies have indicated that creating a learning climate through empowering and energizing styles help building sustainable organizations. Leaders who used benevolent and charismatic styles get a lot of work done but leave a dependence culture and critical leaders get work done with high overheads and employee turn over. Join us while we kick off our Inaugural show of the year 2015 with our honored guest Dr. T V Rao on February 17th,Tuesday at 8pm IST / 8.30 am […]

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