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  • Best Practices in Social Learning

    Best Practices in Social Learning

    Learning has evolved and so has the role of the learning manager. Learning today has to be learner controlled, relevant, networked and integrated into the workflow. Social learning has a role to play however often there is an overkill of this term leading to confusion on what it can do and how to put it to work. Stay tuned! India HR LIVE sets the stage in discussing social learning experiments & results. Join us as we unfold the social learning […]

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  • The Cloud Workers

    The Cloud Workers

    Of the many changes that have transformed the workplace in the last decade, the most transformational has undoubtedly been the changing concept of the office space itself. No longer have the cubicled, large pieces of real estate where the boss can keep a hawk eyed on his reportees. As we transition into a hyper- connected, n-dimensional world where Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty suddenly makes a lot of sense, the real estate has shrunk and shrunk and converged into virtual office […]

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