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  • Quality of Hire & Retention – HRs KPI or Recruiters KPI

    Quality of Hire & Retention – HRs KPI or Recruiters KPI

    There has always been a disconnect between HR and Recruiter even as the profession evolved. On one side we have Sourcers and third party recruiters who have a hacker mentality who focus on bringing that purple squirrel, using the boolean search strings and social search tools. But on the other side we have HR and hiring managers who focus more on bringing those talents that will be a great culture fit for their organization. What’s the reason for that disconnect? […]

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  • Do your Exits lack Experience?

    Do your Exits lack Experience?

    Thank you, Will be back again!! Does that sound familiar? May be that’s what you said while checking out of one of the last resorts you visited for a family vacation. Imagine if you would have said this without a good customer experience. I bet no matter how they would have served the welcome drink but the exit is what remains in our mind for long. Now let’s quickly get into our workplace, we try our level best to hire […]

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  • #IndiaHRLIVE storify Nov 26th on #Sociallearning

    #IndiaHRLIVE storify Nov 26th on #Sociallearning

    Thank you so much to our audience on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and our Youtube subscribers for watching & promoting the LIVE show on Social Learning for talent development and retention with our honored guests Arun Dhaka, Country Sales Director, India & South Asia of Cornerstone OnDemand and Suryanarayan Iyer, Chief Solution Evangelist – Asia Pacific at Cornerstone OnDemand on Nov 26th, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 8.30 CST / 9.30 EST. Thanks to Sunder Ramachandran for guest hosting today’s show! Look at his desk!! This is how we have fun behind the scene and bring […]

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  • Social Learning for talent development and retention

    Social Learning for talent development and retention

    Workforce is changing, learning management is becoming a core strategy to improve employee performance, career development and talent retention- says, Arun Dhaka Country Sales Director – India & South Asia, Cornerstone OnDemand. Social media has become an important part of employee’s social and work life. It is also making a strong impact on learning management! As successful corporations are adopting social learning, join us to learn more about how learning management is becoming a core strategy to improve employee’s performance, career development […]

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  • Engagement Specialists – Why do we need them?

    Engagement Specialists – Why do we need them?

    The word “engagement” is extensively accepted as a function today and in business, it is largely linked with productivity. The pressure of engagement is immense and new genres of professionals – the Engagement specialists, are busy helping organizations worldwide to cope up with the engagement challenge. While organizations are doing every effort to retain their valuable assets (clients, customers and employees), the results are often not great. Despite all attempts, clients pull out and employees resign, leaving the management and […]

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  • Meet Meetu Khanduja- #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Meet Meetu Khanduja- #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Meetu Khanduja is an HR professional with extensive experience of working with IT/ITES industry. She holds an MBA (HR) and PDG (Intellectual Property Rights) from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. She has been working with Artech Infosystems as Outsourcing HR consultant with specific involvement in Employee Engagement & Retention, Talent Management and HR outsourcing functions. She enjoys volunteering for social and environmental causes. She shares her experience and views on HR on her blog at HRdictionary. Connect with her on […]

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