The role of Social, Mobile and Digital in Recruitment Marketing


Sharing a boring job description on the job board and assuming a perfect candidate might apply for the position so that you can interview and then hire him is a long gone old school way of doing things. Successful organizations have taken to the leap to trying social/mobile/digital tools to get that best applicant ahead of competition in a cost effective manner.

90% of candidates who visit a career site don’t apply right away but they do window shopping.  Success is for those who proactively build their own talent communities and engage passive candidates.

Join us to know some of the innovative recruitment marketing techniques and best practices on social/mobile/digital platform from eminent speakers, global guests and thought leaders at India HR LIVE on April 15th, Tuesday at 8pm IST / 9.30 am CST /10.30 am EST.

Meet our Guests

Lauby Hi ResSharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP


President of ITM Group Inc, USA

Sharlyn Lauby, SPHR is president of ITM Group Inc., a consulting firm which focuses on developing training solutions that engage and retain talent in the workplace. The company has been named one of the Top Small Businesses in South Florida.

She is also the author of the blog HR Bartender, a friendly place to talk about workplace issues. The blog has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Business Blogs Worth Reading by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and SparkHire’s Top 25 Must-Read Blogs for Employers.

Her personal goal in life is to find the best cheeseburger on the planet.

AchyutAchyut Menon


Managing director-Options Executive Search Private Limited.

AK is a passionate recruiter-with over 21 years of entrepreneurial  experience-hiring across industries, levels  and functions-for different sizes of companies ( MNC, large Indian business groups, SME, VC funded, family managed , startups etc).

Having been in the business of finding ‘people for jobs’ –being engaged by employers, he is keen to orchestrate the network  and use technology to  explore adding value to a larger section by enabling ‘jobs for people’.

He is keen on creating a local employer employee exchange platform –focussed on the Rs 10-20k monthly salary bracket –with multiple kiosks to cater to his network of 200 plus business owners in Hyderabad.

matt charney

Matt Charney


Managing Editor for RecruitingDaily

Matt Charney is the Managing Editor for RecruitingDaily (, whose flagship property,, is the world’s largest social network and content sharing platform for recruiting and HR professionals. Matt oversees editorial strategy and content marketing for RecruitingDaily’s portfolio of online properties. Prior to joining RecruitingBlogs, Matt served in marketing leadership roles at leading HR technology companies like Talemetry, CornerstoneOnDemand & Monster. Matt began his career as a corporate recruiter for such companies as Walt Disney and Warner Bros. Follow him @MattCharney or connect with him on LinkedIn ( – See more at:

rjRimjhim Ray


Co-Founder of Unmarketeer

Rimjhim Ray has globally led the social marketing and strategy at TCS. She has 10   years experience in sales, marketing and program management having led global digital portfolios for Fortune 500 clients. She is an MBA – Marketing from SP Jain, Mumbai and a graduate of Jadavpur University. She holds certificates in marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. She is an avid blogger, trekker, marathoner and a marketing practitioner. She is the mentor, speaker and columnist at several organizations including SP Jain, India HRLive (, PR Moment ( She is often quoted as one of the top social media influencers in India.

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