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  • Blogging invitation – Your thoughts, our blog

    Blogging invitation – Your thoughts, our blog

    All knowledge is connected to all other knowledge.The fun is in making the connections. – Arthur Aufderheide We are excited to introduce our first “Your thoughts, our blog” series, an initiative where we offer a chance to our IndiaHRLive family to collaborate and participate in knowledge sharing. As part of the series, we invite you all to submit theme based write-ups to be featured on IndiaHRLive blog. Our theme of this month is  – Candidate Experience Candidate experience begins when a job prospect […]

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  • Meet Sarang Brahme – #IndiaHRLIVE Co-host

    Meet Sarang Brahme – #IndiaHRLIVE Co-host

    This year we are making some changes to India HR LIVE show. One of those is adding one more Co-host to the team. At India HR LIVE we are excited to welcome Mr. Sarang Brahme as our new Co-host! Sarang brings in over a decade of experience in talent acquisition with specialization in sourcing and social recruiting as his areas of passion. He has strong experience in global as well as India hiring processes. In his current role as Global Lead – […]

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  • HR in a Startup!!

    HR in a Startup!!

    Recently one of my meetings with a young entrepreneur made me reflect back on last couple of years when I have been working in start up space. Working with highly ambitious first generation entrepreneurs is like walking on a tight rope. At one place where they have vision to take their enterprises to next level , human resources still remains to be there perpetual pain. Human resources no matter how easy it sounds is actually a mix of complex behaviors  […]

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  • Meet Ruchi Bhatia – #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Meet Ruchi Bhatia – #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Today, as we celebrate our first anniversary #IndiaHRLIVEYear1 we are glad to welcome our newbie Ruchi Bhatia to the team. Ruchi works as HR Consultant with IBM India. She is Recruitment Branding Lead, has worked into various HR roles in IBM. Earlier in  Centre of Excellence,  Talent Organization where she was a PD Lead for GTS India/SA and delivered on ISA, GMU and Global Assignments related to Career Development . Prior to that she had been a WorkForce Partner with IBM […]

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  • Lessons you can learn from your pet

    Lessons you can learn from your pet

    Meet Vaio – My pet, a 4 year old Indian Dog. Yes, you read it right; he gets his name from the popular laptop brand. It was a moment of creative laziness and my wife’s fondness for the brand that led to the choice of name. His name however is an instant conversation starter and we are glad we made that choice. We adopted him from PETA (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals) in Delhi when he was a 25 day old puppy. In the […]

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  • MOOCs @ Work

    MOOCs @ Work

    (Pic courtesy Wikipedia) MOOCs have revolutionised the world of education and most Indian learning & development professionals have started taking note of it. While there is in-principle acceptance of MOOCs as an important tool for professional development / executive education, there is lack of clarity on how it can be integrated into workplace learning in India. To set the context, if you are a product of the Indian education system, you know already that it’s content rich but interaction poor so for […]

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  • Critical Thinking for Leadership Hiring, Development and Assessment

    Critical Thinking for Leadership Hiring, Development and Assessment

    India HR LIVE is honored to have Tanmay Vora, Author, Blogger and Quality Consultant and Shashir Shetty, Regional Head, Pearson TalentLens, India to talk about Critical Thinking for Leadership Hiring, Development and Assessment on October 8th, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 9.30 CST / 10.30 EST. Stay tuned to know: Why critical thinking is an imperative skill for those who lead? How do you assess the critical thinking ability of leadership candidates during the hiring process? How can critical thinking […]

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  • HR and Community Management – Key communities managed by them

    HR and Community Management – Key communities managed by them

    As an organization, you interact with several communities- some distinct, some overlapping. Customer communities, vendor communities, employee communities, student communities and so on. Of which customer and vendor communities are generally supported by sales and marketing. In an increasingly social world, community management also becomes a key HR function with emphasis on managing such diverse communities as employees and their families, students, prospective recruits and talent communities, sustainability partners and so on. Here is a list of key communities which […]

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  • Engagement Specialists – Why do we need them?

    Engagement Specialists – Why do we need them?

    The word “engagement” is extensively accepted as a function today and in business, it is largely linked with productivity. The pressure of engagement is immense and new genres of professionals – the Engagement specialists, are busy helping organizations worldwide to cope up with the engagement challenge. While organizations are doing every effort to retain their valuable assets (clients, customers and employees), the results are often not great. Despite all attempts, clients pull out and employees resign, leaving the management and […]

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  • Meet Rakshita Dwivedi- #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Meet Rakshita Dwivedi- #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Rakshita Dwivedi comes with around six years of varied HR experience with MNC’s and Startups. Currently she is associated with plugHR. Mathematics has always made data analytics one of her favorites which later shaped in the form of interest for technology and social media applications. She has always believed that HR is about stepping in employer’s shoes while still being an employee and indeed such challenging task is worthy of all the efforts put in to strike the right balance. Writing […]

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