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Rakshita Dwivedi comes with around six years of varied HR experience with MNC’s and Startups. Currently she is associated with plugHR. Mathematics has always made data analytics one of her favorites which later shaped in the form of interest for technology and social media applications. She has always believed that HR is about stepping in employer’s shoes while still being an employee and indeed such challenging task is worthy of all the efforts put in to strike the right balance. Writing is her passion which helps her connect with a wider audience and makes her write for plugHR . In the past she has written for Fleximoms and Avatar too. Read her blog here.  Connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook & on twitter at @rak_d

Q&A with Rakshita!!

Ok, you must have seen this face on Social Media, but let’s get to know the person a little bit!

What makes you who you are as a person.
Apart from my past experiences and ongoing learning, it’s my eagerness to explore new functions, opportunities and some amazing set of mentors who have helped me shape my career as way it is today.

Fill us in with your title, company and what you do for a living.
Talent Acquisition and Social Community Manager with plugHR.
Apart for hunting HR Heads you would find me hosting #hrtrends, career café, Facebook chats, blogging activities, networking to building a talent pipeline and developing a HR Grid which can help plugHR suffice it hiring and learning needs.

What’s your game plan with India HR LIVE? Why you do what you do here! –
IndiaHRlive is a great platform to connect with HR fraternity who is eager to learn and share there experiences & in turn add value to each other’s profile. All those #IndiaHRlive sessions I attended and tweeted for gave me follower base which eventually helped me widening my own knowledge bank. By sharing my writings here I look forward to likeminded engagement and an audience for my views & thoughts.

Enough of the serious stuff! Let’s move to something fun & personal about you!

What are your favorite movies and why!
As such don’t have a list of favorites, but any movie which can make me sit for 2 hrs is good for me. Still if asked to pick would choose Terminal, Forrest Gump, You have got mail, Black, Chak De, Abhiman over others. All these movies depicted different shades of human beings. Some had tone of jealousy, others had quality of persistence and above all were entertaining enough for me to add in this list.

What’ the one lame thing you are excited about!
Weekends!! When I am a full time playful mom and shopaholic wife 

Share something that you feel is awkward and interesting about you –
Now that’s an awkwardly interesting question!!My ease to have an engaging discussion and speak my mind makes it interesting but same time it make me little blunt which can be considered awkward at times.

Name the book you read recently and why do you think our readers should check it out.
Here again I mostly prefer fiction, for that helps me make better stories 
However a recent nonfiction addition to my book shelve has been ‘Simple Fly’ by Captain Gopinath. It talks about dreaming and making them come true. A must read if you wish to fly high!!

Name your favorite gadget that you can’t live without.
Not a gadget freak but my work life mostly runs on my Samsung Galaxy Grand, which makes sure that I am connected to my emails and social world. This complemented with my laptop is enough to keep me going.

What do you love & hate about HR.?
HR is a subject where every day is a new learning and provides enough challenges to keep you out of monotony. However it hurts when HR is portrayed as an admin function which has no say in business.

Finally, why our readers should read what you write here.
Honestly I am just a budding blogger who writes because that’s another way of expressing and reaching out to those who can’t listen to me . For some my writings will be an echo of their own thoughts, while others might consider it a piece of information. Whichever ways I consider #HR audience as best judge to counter or comment on my views and those would be highly appreciated.



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