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  • How to create a positive Candidate Experience

    How to create a positive Candidate Experience

    This month we are publishing responses to our open blogging invitation – Your thoughts, our blog. Today’s post is from Prashant Joglekar on how organizations can improve by starting  inhouse and focusing on various factors that build up a great candidate experience. Candidate Experience Today’s era is an era of experiences. BJ Pine in his book “The Experience Economy” has shown how organizations swell their top line and bottom line by furthering  their offerings from Commodity to Product to Service […]

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  • Make In India – The People’s Perspective

    Make In India – The People’s Perspective

    Make in India is not just a program , it can become a national campaign to improve innovation, intention, production and manufacturing in India. With the major focus on improving economy and employment opportunities, this new initiative is generating response from all major sectors in India. NIPM Mumbai arranged a national summit on the topic Make in India-The people perspective. Our guest blogger for today , Heet Pandya is sharing with us the main highlights and discussion from the event. […]

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  • Hire for Diversity – Part 1

    Hire for Diversity – Part 1

    Diversity is not a buzz word! Successful organizations take deliberate efforts to have a diversity program in place. They have experienced that having diverse workforce helped them further their company goals. Infact, When organization expand globally being able to adapt to the new culture and render services based on individual needs of people from a multi cultural environment will be very crucial. And so does the need for a Diverse Workforce! Join us while we share the platform with Diversity Advocates […]

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  • Is equal opportunity for women real?

    Is equal opportunity for women real?

    I have been reading, writing and listening more about  diversity at work lately and that drives me to write this post. Of all diversity concerns, gender diversity has received most attention and action by organizations everywhere. From “Equal-opportunity” to “Return-at-work” programs, organizations are doing everything to position themselves as preferred employer by men and women equally. Unlike past, women today are not inferior but rather a substantial workforce population. While women are all prepared and organizations too are acting supportive to […]

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  • Role of HRD in 21st century

    Role of HRD in 21st century

    Future of any nation lies in its people. Healthy, educated and well informed citizens are essentials of a strong nation. The HRD ministry of India was formed with a vision to educate and care for its people and improve the quality of life. Our guest blogger today, Monika Agarwal, shares her thoughts on how strong HRD can help to guide and mentor gen Z, the coming generation at work. Role of HRD in 21st century HRD for long has been […]

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  • Women at Work – Gender Diversity

    Women at Work – Gender Diversity

      Wait!! Women are at work… Now have you ever heard this? Answer is obvious, women have always been working however now they are omnipresent and work has new dimensions altogether. Still this doesn’t mean that the journey has been a cake walk. As much as the multi-talented , multifaceted fairer sex juggles between personal and professional front to walk as much as a mam would, they still encounter resistance and hurdles at various stage. So to discuss the depth […]

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  • Have you held on to your startup DNA?

    Have you held on to your startup DNA?

    Think Google and Amazon and you think innovation. You think incredible products. You think of good, solid experiences. But I think there is a far stronger lesson to carry forward from these orgs. It is their agility. It is the sense of fun and unpredictability. It is the ability to innovate not once or twice but on a continuous ongoing basis. And it has managed to hold on to all of these attributes over the years. What I call the […]

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  • Developing High Potential Employees

    Developing High Potential Employees

    Identifying and nurturing High Potential (HiPos) employees for the Top/ High Impact roles almost always yields exponential results. Still, common strategies aimed at identifying HiPos fail two times out of three. Successful development of HiPos entails a synchronization between the program strategy, identification mechanism, development plans, transition process and governance framework. Join us while we share the platform with Wirpo HR team to discuss ‘How to develop High Potential Employees ‘ on April 7th, Tuesday at 8pm IST / 9.30 am CST /10.30 am […]

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  • Battling Workplace Depression

    Battling Workplace Depression

    Workplace depression or stress is a recent concern of  employers across the globe. Prolonged stress at work decreases overall productivity and performance of employees.   In US alone 1 million people miss work each day due to workplace stress. Can employers and HR alone deal with the situation? What can be done to identity and help someone dealing with workplace depression? Today’s post is contributed by our guest blogger KenaShree to highlight how similar cases go unnoticed around us and how […]

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  • Storify on How to create successful HRTECH Implementations

    Storify on How to create successful HRTECH Implementations

    Thank you so much to our audience for watching & promoting the show – a LIVE Global Panel discussion on ‘How to create successful HRTECH implementations’ on March 17, Tuesday at 8pm IST / 9.30 am CST /10.30 am EST with our honored guests. If you missed the session here is the storfiy! PS: Our guests @WilliamTincup and @JeremyAllynAmes will be traveling to India for the first time on April 24th to speak at SHRM HR Tech Conference 2015. Be sure to reach out to them to […]

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