Role of HRD in 21st century

HRD and 21 cen

Future of any nation lies in its people. Healthy, educated and well informed citizens are essentials of a strong nation. The HRD ministry of India was formed with a vision to educate and care for its people and improve the quality of life. Our guest blogger today, Monika Agarwal, shares her thoughts on how strong HRD can help to guide and mentor gen Z, the coming generation at work.

Role of HRD in 21st century

HRD for long has been perceived to be used only in corporate settings. As times changed it has been acknowledged that HRD has the capacity and scope to function at higher levels. The setting up of HRD ministry was a confirmation towards this thought.

The advent of 21st century brought revolutionary changes on account of breakthroughs in ICT. These technological changes were the major reasons for changes in upbringing and lifestyle of children of this century.

Looking at some of the prominent differences we see that children today are surrounded with plethora of electronic gadgets connecting them to the world far away and disconnecting with the immediate one. These changes are real as they are a part of their everyday life, resulting into key shifts in their psychological and physical processes. Children today posses many things but value nothing. Parents of these off springs born and brought up into a different century often find themselves caught up into a difficult situation of their own value system versus kids’ mental makeup. The overall development of these kids will affect us at macro level as they are the future human resources of our country.

The developments are impactful and need urgent attention to help these kids face increased competition and complexity of the future world and a professional help could make all the difference.HRD ministry has started a mentorship program to help students with their subject difficulties but I sincerely feel HRD professionals can have a much broader role to play. They can contribute in a big way towards psychological development of children. Using their professional knowledge and expertise they can assist this age band understand the fine qualities and rewards of life. In their own way they can convey the fact that benefits of technological developments lie in their judicious use and not in their addiction. They can assist students to learn to listen to inner softer voices and assist them gain a firm foundation of this precious life we have received as a gift.

 This new found role of HRD would not only augment HR relevance but can act as a bridge between the present and future expectations. Modernization is not everything of today minus everything of yesterday but a fine blending of best of today with the best of yesterday.

Through this article I invite parents, teachers, HR professionals and other citizens interested in communicating their opinions and start a meaningful dialog to help prepare a strong and focused HRD for the country and at the same time enhance HRD application.

 monikaphotoBorn in Alwar and brought up in Ranchi, Monika Agarwal completed her graduation in Engineering and worked as a lecturer in Engineering colleges for 4 years. Since 2013, she is teaching HR to MBA students, now  working as Assistant Professor in Apex College, Jaipur. She had also worked in an NGO named Literacy India.




  1. Dr. Shuchi Singhal says:

    Hi Monika
    You have touched upon a very sensitive and burning issue with regards to gen Z.

  2. Rashi Vishwakarma says:

    A critically well analysed article on a new role of HR.

  3. jitendra kumar agarwal says:

    Modernization is not everything of today minus everything of yesterday but a fine blending of best of today with the best of yesterday.

    Been an Engineer find or suggest the solution who responsible for this modern world

  4. Dr.Ritu says:

    An approach well thought of.

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