Why misleading recruiter is a bad idea

misleading recruiter imageHave you ever done any of these?

  • You had said yes for an interview and decided not to go for it on the set date, avoiding all calls from the recruiter.
  • You accepted the job offer, used it for a better bargain  and backed out on the day of joining

If your answer is YES and you are an active job seeker, this isn’t a good idea.

We live in a highly and globally connected world. Our personal and professional connections are maintained via social networking sites, interest groups and online communities which are open for opinion and feedback. If you do any of the above thinking that you might not have to deal with the recruiter or hiring manager or employer again shortly, you still might deal with their connections – The social connections.

Think it this way. You have an interview scheduled for today. You have made an excuse at work for a half day leave, you came to work dressed in your best formals, and your mind is constantly busy preparing for the interview. Now the recruiter calls an hour before to cancel the interview and says the position has been filled. How do you feel?…  Angry , disappointed . What will you do now? Probably decide never to contact this recruiter or employer again. Tell about it to all your friends and colleagues (if you trust them) and warn them to be careful with this recruiter/employer in future.

That’s exactly what recruiters do. They talk about it in their circle, with their friend or may be on their social networks. You never know which negative feedback might impact your future job moves. If not now and may be anytime later. Also, by doing this you are losing the opportunity with this employer at least for the coming some time. That is, until your case becomes history or employer has an option to reconsider applicant after few months. On online social channels, feedback and reviews stay almost forever.

Still we do it. Why?

  • Because want the best for ourselves.
  • At times we are confused and not able to decide in time.
  • Something unexpected happens at the last moment.

 Is there a better way?

Unless it is the last of the cases mentioned, you still have an option to deal with it in an acceptable way. If you are uncertain or confused, talk to the recruiter or hiring manager. Let him know the situation and your concern about it. He might help you make a wise choice.

If you are unsure about appearing for the interview, inform the recruiter before time. He can reschedule it or help you understand the job description well if that is your concern. Even if you still chose not to opt for this role he might still consider you for future positions.

If you are not happy with the offer and still accepted it with an intention to utilize it for a better bargain outside, talk to the recruiter involved. He might help you re-negotiate the term and condition of the offer to your benefit, if possible.

A candidate turning down the offer or not appearing for the interview on the said date is not unusual. It is happens every day but damages hiring practices at large. Employers are now utilizing social media not only for hiring but also for employee screening, background checks and collecting references. The social connections are widely interconnected. If you decide to reject or refuse an offer, doing it in the right way at the right time makes a Win-Win deal for employer and for you.

Good luck with your job search :)

meetuMeetu Khanduja is an HR professional with extensive experience of working with IT/ITES industry. She holds an MBA (HR) and PDG (Intellectual Property Rights) from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. She has been working with Artech Infosystems as Outsourcing HR consultant with specific involvement in Employee Engagement & Retention, Talent Management and HR outsourcing functions. She enjoys volunteering for social and environmental causes. She shares her experience and views on HR on her blog atHRdictionary. Connect with her on LinkedInFacebook & on twitter at @hrdictionary.



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