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  • Learn before you make that career move

    Learn before you make that career move

      Image credit – careersenhanced.com Whether it’s a new job or a new career path, research is essential to ensure that you are making the right move. What’s the best way to research? May be scroll through the online reviews, stories and opinions (often contradictory) or talk to some you know. This is how we have been doing it for long but now there are more official and effective ways of doing that. Informational Interviews This probably is the best and […]

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  • Why misleading recruiter is a bad idea

    Why misleading recruiter is a bad idea

    Have you ever done any of these? You had said yes for an interview and decided not to go for it on the set date, avoiding all calls from the recruiter. You accepted the job offer, used it for a better bargain  and backed out on the day of joining If your answer is YES and you are an active job seeker, this isn’t a good idea. We live in a highly and globally connected world. Our personal and professional […]

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  • When you bring your own device at work

    When you bring your own device at work

    Technology, flexibility and innovation are the words that best describe today’s workplace. Adding to the trend is the Bring your own device (BYOD) concept that allows employees to use their own device- laptop, mobile, tablet etc at work. Study or work, BYOD is ruling everywhere. To employees, the idea appeals as it offer work flexibility and there is no added responsibility to carry and protect company’s device. But if you are using or planning to use your personal device at […]

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  • Tips to engage remote employees

    Tips to engage remote employees

    So you are a global organization proud of your great Talent pool and Talent Engagement strategies, but are you doing enough to engage your remote workforce? With organizational setup turning global, remote workforce arrangements have become part and parcel of the work life. From office cubical, employees are moving to telecommuting style of work. While these remote employees work equally hard for the organization, they are often faced with inhibition of being forgotten and ignored. Years back when I got […]

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  • Engagement Specialists – Why do we need them?

    Engagement Specialists – Why do we need them?

    The word “engagement” is extensively accepted as a function today and in business, it is largely linked with productivity. The pressure of engagement is immense and new genres of professionals – the Engagement specialists, are busy helping organizations worldwide to cope up with the engagement challenge. While organizations are doing every effort to retain their valuable assets (clients, customers and employees), the results are often not great. Despite all attempts, clients pull out and employees resign, leaving the management and […]

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  • Meet Meetu Khanduja- #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Meet Meetu Khanduja- #IndiaHRLIVEwriters

    Meetu Khanduja is an HR professional with extensive experience of working with IT/ITES industry. She holds an MBA (HR) and PDG (Intellectual Property Rights) from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. She has been working with Artech Infosystems as Outsourcing HR consultant with specific involvement in Employee Engagement & Retention, Talent Management and HR outsourcing functions. She enjoys volunteering for social and environmental causes. She shares her experience and views on HR on her blog at HRdictionary. Connect with her on […]

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