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We are glad to have Siddhesh Bhobe, CEO of eMee, sharing his secrets of work in our ‘Social HR at Work’ series. As a hard core techie at heart and being a person who explores the use of enterprise social networking and gamification in converting critical management functions into highly effective and enjoyable activities, he must have some cool secrets that help him be successful at work. And he shares it here! Read on and follow him on twitter at @Siddheshb.


Who am I & what I do?
I am Siddhesh Bhobe, and I am 38 years old. I am a hard core techie at heart, having done my M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1998. My passion is Gamification, and how it can be applied in various domains including employee engagement, learning, and healthcare to make what we do enjoyable and effective at the same time!
My computer
At office, I use an HP ProBook. At home, I can’t resist my daughter’s iMac.
My mobile
I am not a gadget freak, but my mobile needs to be extremely efficient at texting and email. With it’s extremely seamless integration with Microsoft Exchange, my HTC HD7 Windows phone is just perfect for me.
How many apps do I have on my phone!
I guess Whatsapp is pretty much the only app I really need! I do use Maps sometimes, and a Flashlight :) Oh, and BookMyShow, of course!
A gadget I can’t live without! (other than computer /phone)
My Kindle
What do I love about my workstation/desk. 
My office has tons of souvenirs and gifts from my projects and friends. I am pretty particular about how the stuff on my desk is arranged; everything has a precise place and shouldn’t be moved from there! Except for a small stack of old printouts I use for scribbling rough notes on the reverse side, there is very little paper in my office.
What helps me to work smart! (Share your time saving tip/or a tool that you use to save time or to schedule your job)
Nothing works better for me than the “To Do” list on my phone. Everything from the regular bills to buying food for my cat ends up on my To Do list with a due date. This really helps free my mind from clutter, and ensures I can always plan ahead and avoid last minute hiccups and misses.
How do I start my day at work!
First thing I do in the morning is have a long look at the list of projects and customers on my whiteboard, and come up with a list of things to do. It is also a time to schedule quick review meetings with my teams, as needed. I am usually done with the first round of email by the time I reach office – sitting at traffic lights gives me sufficient time to do that first pass!
What do I listen to while I work!
I am not a fan of listening to music while working. Sometimes, though, I listen to sounds of nature – I have this beautiful CD that captures the sounds of gurgling streams and chirping birds from the English Highlands, which is really very soothing.
What do I do on my work break!
I am from Goa, so a longish work break will usually mean chilling out on the beach. I also love taking my SUV out for a day trip to one of the many beautiful spots around Pune.
What are 3 things I value at work!
For me, total passion and devotion to your work is the only way to enjoy your career, and I expect the same from my team. I value constructive feedback. New ideas and innovation to challenge mediocrity excite me.

What’s the next challenge for me at work!
I am currently focused on making serious enterprise gamification a reality. The potential for gamification is huge, but too many companies are fence-sitting and waiting for someone else to take the giant leap. My challenge is to prove that gamification works, and do so in as many different domains as possible.
What’s the best career advice I have ever received!
Reading an old HBR article on “Monkey Management” had the biggest influence and impact on my professional (and personal) life! It is also the advice I give out most often!
What I love about social media & My favorite social media tools based on what I use frequently!
Professionally, social media is a great way to connect with like-minded people and keep track of latest trends and breakthroughs. Tweetdeck is my favourite tool!
What’s my golden mantra that made me who I am today!
Enjoy what you do, because only then will you be happy and successful. Rewards and recognition will follow.


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    Keep it up,mate.Congrats on pioneering gamification in India.

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