Dr.Vishal Shah on Leadership Journeys at Wipro

Stay tuned, we are honored to have Dr. Vishal Shah, General Manager & Head – Customer Leadership, Corporate HRD at Wipro Technologies to talk about Leadership Journeys at Wipro.

On 4th September 2013, at 8PM IST

“Leadership Journeys” are a unique approach to leadership development. They use multiple methods and have consistent touch points with participants. Journeys require working with participants over a longer period of time and improve the effectiveness of leadership development efforts’- Says, Dr. Vishal Shah.

Dr Vishal Shah heads the Leadership Development Group at Wipro. He is responsible for all the development initiatives for senior leaders in the Wipro Group. Prior to Wipro, he worked in multiple industries like Consulting, IT, BPO and Retail. His work experience includes roles in Sales, HR and Consulting.

Vishal is an alumnus of IIMB’s PGDM and FPM programs. He has published papers in international journals and presented in international conferences. Connect with him on LinkedIn and on twitter at @vishalshah10

Here are a few thoughts that we would be discussing:

How did they get started with Leadership Journeys at Wipro?
What are the key factors in successful leadership development?
How does Wipro identify the participants of Leadership Journeys and who are they?
Which type of leaders do organizations need to develop first?
Why it is important to develop leaders within the organization?

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  1. Dr. Vikas Mehra says:

    Very informative talk. Thanks Vishal & India HR Live! The 3 E’s are very pertinent and so is their ratio. Though it would reverse in the case of students in schools & colleges. For early stage career professionals, the leadership training mix should be 50:30:20 for on-the-job experiences; exposure through interactions & collaborations; and classroom education. Regards, Vikas

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