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  • Developing High Potential Employees

    Developing High Potential Employees

    Identifying and nurturing High Potential (HiPos) employees for the Top/ High Impact roles almost always yields exponential results. Still, common strategies aimed at identifying HiPos fail two times out of three. Successful development of HiPos entails a synchronization between the program strategy, identification mechanism, development plans, transition process and governance framework. Join us while we share the platform with Wirpo HR team to discuss ‘How to develop High Potential Employees ‘ on April 7th, Tuesday at 8pm IST / 9.30 am CST /10.30 am […]

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  • Dr.Vishal Shah on Leadership Journeys at Wipro

    Stay tuned, we are honored to have Dr. Vishal Shah, General Manager & Head – Customer Leadership, Corporate HRD at Wipro Technologies to talk about Leadership Journeys at Wipro. On 4th September 2013, at 8PM IST “Leadership Journeys” are a unique approach to leadership development. They use multiple methods and have consistent touch points with participants. Journeys require working with participants over a longer period of time and improve the effectiveness of leadership development efforts’- Says, Dr. Vishal Shah. Dr Vishal Shah heads the Leadership […]

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  • Leadership Journeys at Wipro

    Leadership Journeys at Wipro

    A successful organization generally has a great work culture to bring out the best in employees, help them to develop their skills and grow as leaders within the organization. And so does Wipro. Developing the next leaders within the organization can help an organization become successful and have more sustainable growth. Having a leadership development initiative and becoming more proactive when it comes to retaining your talent is critical to outperforming the competition. Stay tuned, we are honored to have […]

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