Best practices in Work place Flexibility with Anish Aravind

Oct1st - Copy

India HR LIVE is honored to have Anish Aravind, @anisharavind, Associate Director Organisation Effectiveness at Arbitron India to talk about workplace flexibility on October 1st, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 9.30 CST / 10.30 EST.

Arbitron India received SHRM India award for Best practices in Work place Flexibility on 19th Sep 2013 at SHRMI2013 Conference.  And he says,

One of the unique things which makes our approach distinct in this part of the world  is the “Flexibility” we provide our employees to enable work life balance, by a combination of culture, process and technology centred around Accountability – the theme which we have inherited from the rich legacy of Arbitron Inc. The end result is excellent employee engagement resulting in lower talent attrition, enhanced quality & productivity, meeting or even exceeding business requirements, spurring innovation and  resulting in a lower cost.

Join us while we discuss!
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Where can you watch the LIVE show?
You can watch the LIVE show at our website Home Page or at our Youtube
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