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  • Some thoughts on Candidate experience

    Some thoughts on Candidate experience

    This is our last post on our ongoing series Your thoughts, our blog and today we are going to share what some HR and industry practitioners think about the topic. What makes a great candidate experience and why it matters? Let’s hear from experts What a candidate takes away during the process makes him/her evaluate and presume a lot about the organization. First conversation, pitch, wait time, subsequent communication and even how a candidate is greeted and treated at reception […]

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  • Why candidate experience matters

    Why candidate experience matters

    Today’s post is in continuance to our series on Candidate Experience. Our guest blogger Col Venkat Raman shares with us how a positive candidate experience leaves a lasting impression on an applicant-turned-employee’s mind. Why candidate experience matters The biggest challenge for Organizations (and HR) today is attracting and retaining Talent. There are several initiatives taken to retain talent today like Employee engagement, Career Planning and also, importantly engaging with potential employees right from the time they are contacted until their Induction […]

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  • How to create a positive Candidate Experience

    How to create a positive Candidate Experience

    This month we are publishing responses to our open blogging invitation – Your thoughts, our blog. Today’s post is from Prashant Joglekar on how organizations can improve by starting  inhouse and focusing on various factors that build up a great candidate experience. Candidate Experience Today’s era is an era of experiences. BJ Pine in his book “The Experience Economy” has shown how organizations swell their top line and bottom line by furthering  their offerings from Commodity to Product to Service […]

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