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India HR LIVE introduces a series of panel discussions on ‘Women at work‘ and we are honored to have a wonderful panel, Zenobia Madon, General Manager, Talent Acquisition-Philips India., Hritu Mehra, Director & Co-founder, Umana HR Services and Bobby Patnaik, GPHR, Manager Employee Relations, Infosys to discus the topic ‘Can women have it all on November 12th, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 8.30 CST / 9.30 EST.

Can women have it all!

‘Women can’t have it all’. This is a general concept that comes to our mind when we think of Women and their career. How much of it is the truth?

The biggest challenge that women face on their career path and to advance as a leader is the difficulty of holding their work and personal life together. Many women have a predicament where they have to do a trade off between work and life. If it is a working mom, having to match school schedules and work schedules, being there for the children or elder parents at home, supporting husband who cannot find a job or even having to deal with a break in their career. Yet many of us worry about not having it all rather than holding on to what we have! Let’s open this panel discussion to hear from our guest on

  • Can Women have it all?
  • What are some things that women should be doing to advance their career?
  • What does success at work mean for women?
  • What are the challenges that affect women’s careers and how can they prepare better to manage it?
  • What do they see are some differences between how men and women lead?
  • What should employers do for the development of women within the organization?

Meet Zenobia Madon,

Zenobia is currently the Head of Talent Acquisition, for Philips India and is responsible for leading the Talent Acquisition – Centre of Excellence (COE). She is also responsible for championing all Employer Branding initiatives for the company, including social media activations. In her previous roles, she has worked with leading organization like Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, her last role being the M&A lead for India for an on-going M&A project and the Head of Recruitment for all businesses at J&J Medical India. With an overall experience of seven years, Zenobia has undertaken various roles spanning across Talent Acquisition, HR Business Partnering, Talent Management and HR Transformations throughout her career.

Specifically in the field of Talent Acquisition, Zenobia’s rich experience includes establishing RPOs, Campus/University hiring at the top MBA and Engineering institutes in India and abroad, Lateral hiring including hiring for specific talent pools, and in executing best-in-class TA programs. In addition to traditional HR roles, Zenobia has also been at the helm of Employer Branding efforts of organizations, and has launched and led various initiatives that leverage Social Media to help organizations position themselves as an Employer of choice.

Zenobia holds a Bachelors (Hons) in Economics from Lady Sriram College, Delhi University, and an MBA from ISB&M Pune, with a specialization in HR. She is currently based in Gurgaon and has keen interest in Dramatics, swimming, traveling, and social media. Connect with her on LinkedIn and on twitter at @ZenobiaMadon

Meet Bobby Patnaik

Bobby has almost 18+ years of experience in HR spanning Manufacturing and IT sectors.  Currently she heads for one of the locations of a premier IT company in the country and also manages 2k plus people from a Business partner perspective .  Areas of experience include Competency Mapping, Performance Management Systems, Employee Surveys, HR Metrics, Mentoring, Counseling, Disciplinary Handling, HR Strategy, Onboarding & Induction, Design and Deployment of Employee Engagement Activities, Values & Ethics Initiatives, Diversity Management, HR Operations, Training Facilitation and Grievance Handling.  Bobby is a certified Global Professional in HR from the HRCI of US. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Meet Hritu Mehra

Hritu Mehra is the co-founder of Umana HR Services, a fast growing executive search firm focused at supporting MNCs in mainly the BPO IT and ancillary IT industries. Hritu is a Chartered Accountant and has in her previous work life worked with top BPO/Captive brands including eFunds, Agilent Technologies and Genpact LLC, USA. In her role as Director at Umana HR Services, Hritu has been instrumental in growing the company at a rapid pace in a short span of time and has been pivotal in clinching critical contracts for Umana while providing best in class services to the ITES/KSO/BPO clients. Hritu is also the mother of two kids aged 9 and 6 and feels that managing them is a bigger challenge and more fulfilling than managing a company. She is an avid follower of the Art of Living and in her free time, she likes to listen to soft ghazals, play with her kids and discuss randomness with her husband over copious amounts of tea. Connect with her on LinkedIn & on twitter at @HrituMehra

Join us while we discuss!
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