LIVE talk on ‘Can Gamification help engage employees?’

Employee involvement, commitment and satisfaction have always of high priority for every organization. Even after spending tons of money on various means employers often are not able to find what it takes to engage their employees. What are they missing? Why do we a high rate of disengaged employees? Can this be fixed by using enterprise social tools and gamification in the workplace?

Successful employers incorporate social tools & gamification to various functions to motivate, energize and engage their employees. Would you like to hear some business use cases?

Stay tuned! India HR LIVE is honored to have Siddhesh BhobeCEO of eMee and Sharad Verma, Senior Director-Human Resources, at SunGard to explore the connections between Gamification and Employee Engagement on September 18th, 2013, at 8PM IST

Here are some thoughts that we will be discussing!

What is Gamification and Employee Engagement?
How to incorporate gamification to engage employees?
Share business cases where gamification is used in the workplace?
What are some barriers and some benefits in using gamification or any social tools to engage employees in the workplace?

Join us while we discuss!
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Where can you watch the LIVE show?
You can watch the LIVE show at our website Home Page or at our Youtube
channel during the scheduled time.



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