6 Tips to make Work From Home really work!!

Computer1Two things which people mostly envy about me are that my boss never questions me on my 24*7 presence on Facebook/Twitter and second I work from home. Well, more than former the latter might not be quite convincing for many of you. It’s just not you, in fact two years back I too considered work ‘from’ home more as work ‘for’ home. I mostly considered work from home as good as not working at all or at least not as much as a full timer would do. So when I was contemplating of joining plugHR after a year long of pampering career-break, I was not sure how long would this virtual working engage me? But time only proved me wrong and now I exactly know what you must be thinking…HOW?
Honestly here are some reasons why work from home worked for me and if followed likewise I am sure the format can be as effective as a full time onsite assignment.

Never say ‘work from home’ is a part time job: Perception at the back of your mind plays a very important role here. If you feel you are bad you would be worse!! Important is to understand that it’s just a change of place rest all remains the same, including your responsibility and ownership for the assignment at hand.

My Boss knows I am working: Any flexible assignment needs acceptability from top management and trust plays an important role here. When working virtually and not face to face it’s only your work which would speak for you. This all the more makes the job high on accountability.

I have not stopped talking: Talking has been my first love and also a savior in work from home model. Establishing a good connection which usually also helps in effective reporting and building transparency is a must have. Trust me I never get bored for sitting back at home and working by myself, for my gossiping colleagues are just a call away.

My workstation is only for work: Having a designated place for your work would only keep you more agile and responsive. Avoid working from your living room or kitchen, for you would only end up mixing two tasks and be good at none!!

My experience supports me: It’s true that work from home is not meant neither can be managed by anybody or everybody. It is a role which requires certain traits to run it effectively. Don’t expect a freshman or a front line person to be effective in this role. It for sure needs experience to understand and respect the ecosystem.

Yes, I have a schedule: It’s very easy to cross time boundaries with this format and mostly leads to a feeling of 24*7 working. However, discipline on the effective output rather than input hours will surely help strike the right balance.

These are certain reasons which can make one actually make ‘work from home’ a boon. It’s a handy tool for Talent Management and Engagement provided if managed effectively. Organizations like Fleximoms and AVATAR have made this format more acceptable and competitive too. However considering the changing economic & traffic scenario work from home soon will be a choice many will opt for!!

RakshitaI am a young HR professional who enjoys writing for that is best way I can express and share my learning.
Been in the Industry since 2005 and my varied experiences in MNC’s ,SME’s and start ups resulted in widening my horizons. My cravings to learn more and experiment everyday helps me connect and network with people. I enjoy company of intellectuals for someday want to be known as one ;)

Currently I am associated with plugHR , a subscription based HR department where I handle Social Media Networking & Engagement along with Talent Acquisition. In order to keep a tab on market expectations, I host twitter chats #hrtrends every Thursday and Facebook HR chats on behalf of plugHR.

My work makes me a social media buff and when not online I mostly love spending time with my toddler. Writing however has been a hobby which now I am taking more seriously but otherwise I enjoy free hand sketching and cooking too!! Currently based out of Mumbai and I am reachable on emailto:rakshita.dwivedi@gmail.com and on twitter at @Raks_d.




  1. Excellent Post. We have a different perception about Work from Home. But as you rightly said, as long as the management trusts you and accountability is defined, rest should not be an issue. Companies have also realized its importance and are moving towards this direction from some specific roles too.

  2. Priyanka Dutta says:

    Very inspiring read! This shall help changing the general mindset of people who feel that work from home is nothing but an escape route to professionalism & accountability. To understand the concept one must actually try it out.

  3. Hey Rakshita! I can so relate to every word of the post above and completely agree to you on every bit. While having discipline is paramount I feel it gives us a lot of flexibility on exchanging time slots to accommodate either work or home schedule occasionally when needed. But yes all this is driven only if you have a lot of trust and independence from outside (your Boss) and an equal conviction from within(you).

  4. how did you get hired for plughr for work from home, i mean did they putup advertisement seeking a home based worker?

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