Let the Fun Begin!!


“Imagine an organization where people would love to come on a Monday and hate to leave on a Friday!!”

In one of the interviews I was once asked, ‘Whether celebrating B’day can help retain employees’. Before I get in detail it’s very important to understand that employee engagement is a process which helps to build a connect between the employer and employee. Most organizations have realized how adding ‘Fun’ quotient to the environment helps engaging & retaining the talent. But still measuring it one to one would not yield a direct result; instead the footprints of impact can be seen at different employee stages.

Saying so, adding a ‘Gym’ facility will not stop somebody from resigning who is not happy with the supervisor but in a high stress job environment such activities and events help to vent out and divert the mind. Most of us don’t feel tired with work but a monotonous schedule and static environment makes it worse. I still remember how once a high energetic teacher made a mundane history subject interesting for me. So it’s not the content but the execution which changes the game. While we go ahead an plan next set of activity let remember:

‘Fun at work’ is actually a serious game if you want employees to relate to the organizations. Creating a place where employees feel at home or even more is not an easy task. No wonder why so many still don’t understand the motive behind the same. We still are struggling with some spoil sport HOD’s , aren’t we!!

Regular team activities helps employees to bond better, complement each other in the hour of need. It’s not the game which makes them friends but the feeling that they all are same and together working will be more fun than struggling amongst unknown.

Customization is the key to all. Like any other process, engagement activities should be designed as per the demography of the organization. Keeping in mind that very soon employee base with be Gen Y dominated probably it’s the right time to align with their expectation.

Time is more technology driven now and this definitely gives an opportunity to be more innovative and explore techniques like Gamification or Social apps. Not only does it beat the limitations of physical boundaries but also connects the likeminded souls across the hierarchy.

Who doesn’t like Fun? Ask yourself, would you not like running an extra mile for an organization which you know is better a place to work than any other.

RakshitaRakshita Dwivedi comes with around six years of varied HR experience with MNC’s and Startups. Currently she is associated with plugHR. Mathematics has always made data analytics one of her favorites which later shaped in the form of interest for technology and social media applications. She has always believed that HR is about stepping in employer’s shoes while still being an employee and indeed such challenging task is worthy of all the efforts put in to strike the right balance. Writing is her passion which helps her connect with a wider audience and makes her write for plugHR . In the past she has written for Fleximoms and Avatar too. Read her blog here. Connect with her on LinkedInFacebook & on twitter at@rak_d.


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  1. Alok Verma says:

    What an interesting insight Rakshita. The thought of Fun@Work is what we engage for with various corporates at FOCUS Adventure India. Thanks for sharing.

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