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  • Reasons Recruiters run away from using Social Media !!

    Reasons Recruiters run away from using Social Media !!

    Social Media often called new age search tool has proven over a period of time how innovative can sourcing get. A topic like “Why a recruiter would shy away from finding new ways to search a candidate!” might sound weird, most of us feel that Recruiters must ideally make the most of these new channels of sourcing isn’t it? Let’s first get back to basics. We were taught in management schools, “Recruitment means, Hire the Right Candidate, at the Right […]

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  • Sunder Ramachandran at work

    Sunder Ramachandran at work

    We are glad to have Sunder Ramachandran, one of our #IndiaHRLIVE writers, sharing his secrets of work in our ‘Social HR at Work’ series. Now if you missed reading about his personal side from our previous post and his stories around  “Buy” & “Sell” side of learning business, you can read it here. Who am I & what I do? Sunder Ramachandran, Senior Training Manager at Jardine Lloyd Thompson India My computer HP Elitebook My mobile Blackberry How many apps do […]

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  • Basic issues of Social Recruiting

    Basic issues of Social Recruiting

    It’s all over the Hiring Industry; loads of reports, data, and analysis have been made about Recruitment via Social Media. Well, I would not like to burden you with more of such information and have no plans to also sell the concept of Social Recruiting. All I’m planning to do is understand some of the problems at grass root level of Managers and Recruiters / Sourcers. Well, we are not here to point out who is right and who is wrong, […]

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