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We are glad to have Sunder Ramachandran, one of our #IndiaHRLIVE writers, sharing his secrets of work in our ‘Social HR at Work’ series. Now if you missed reading about his personal side from our previous post and his stories around  “Buy” & “Sell” side of learning business, you can read it here.

Who am I & what I do?
Sunder Ramachandran, Senior Training Manager at Jardine Lloyd Thompson India

My computer
HP Elitebook

My mobile

How many apps do I have on my phone!
Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, evernote)

A gadget I can’t live without! (other than computer /phone)
My portable JBL speakers.

What do I love about my workstation/desk!
Awesome view of Powai mountains from my desk.


What helps me to work smart! (Share your time saving tip/or a tool that you use to save time or to schedule your job)
I have an exclusive diary for my daily & weekly to do’s. Most basic but also the most effective time management tool.

How do I start my day at work!
Review my to do list for the day over a cup of tea

What do I listen to while I work!
No music but will often have an interesting podcast or video play in the background.

What do I do on my work break!
Take a walking break with a team member discussing things from movies to weekend breaks.

What are 3 things I value at work!
Freedom to experiment & fail, a supportive manager and a hard working team.

What’s the next challenge for me at work!
To encourage colleagues to take charge of their own learning and use L&D as a consultant and not a delivery engine.

What’s the best career advice I have ever received!
Your career is your business.

What I love about social media & My favorite social media tools based on what you use frequently!
The ability to learn without boundaries. 1- Twitter, 2-Youtube, 3- LinkedIn.

What’s my golden mantra that made me who I am today!
Take charge of your learning & growth.



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