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  • HR with a Personal Touch : Empathy & Trust

    HR with a Personal Touch : Empathy & Trust

    Employees are organization’s assets. Heard this before, haven’t we? And they are, for sure! But how do we manage these assets? “Retention” is the word here! Retaining employees is one of the herculean tasks for every HR professional. On the other hand, it has some simple techniques attached to it which would add to the list of monetary strategies to hold back your talent. Normally, when you talk about Retention, you talk about 2 types of methods : a) Monetary (giving […]

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  • Can a company operate without HR?

    Can a company operate without HR?

     Companies say No to Having an HR Department – A recent Wall Street Journal article described how some companies are eliminating their HR function. Well here is a snippet on why they intent to ditch HR function.  ‘Companies seeking flat management structures and more accountability for employees are frequently taking aim at human resources. Executives say the traditional HR department—which claims dominion over everything from hiring and firing to maintaining workplace diversity—stifles innovation and bogs down businesses with inefficient policies and […]

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