Top 5 Indicators – Candidate will NOT JOIN!!!


Is there a tool to know that a candidate that has been offered will not JOIN!!! All the recruiters would be more than happy to get hands on such a tool. Well, sorry to disappoint you all, there is no such tool available. But there are certain indicators that can help recruiters to find out if the offered candidate will join or not. So what are you waiting for!! Let’s find those Top 5 Indicators.

A Recruiter completes the entire cycle of hiring, right from understanding requirements, sourcing, scheduling, HR Interview, Offer Discussion and then…… Offer. The process is not yet over. Then the candidate accepts or rejects the offer. If he rejects, then the entire process needs to be started (Backup interviews come in handy in such cases). If the candidate accepts the Offer, then the follow-up game starts. So this is where this post will focus on. Post Offer to Pre-Joining stage.

So now that the candidate has accepted the offer, what are the indicators that might help you gauge that the candidate will join or NOT JOIN? Let’s look at the TOP 5 Indicators:

–  Documentation Process:

Some companies ask for the documents from the candidates before joining and some after joining.  Documentation can include Educational Certificates, Passport / Pancard Copy, Previous Reliving Letters and so on.  This is an important stage where if the candidate does not send or delays for some or the other reason, you have to gauge the seriousness about his interest to join.  Well, there are at times genuine reasons, but be careful.

–  Employment Verification Form :

This is consideredasan important document for any organisation. Again some ask it to be filled before joining, some after joining. It depends from company to company.  This document is very important as it captures the entire employment history, education history of the candidate. If the candidate is not sending the document or has entered wrong info, you have to get a hint and act accordingly.

–   Candidate not responding to calls, mails, sms :

Normally recruiters do a follow-up call to the offered candidate; just to know how is their reliving going on in the current company. Have they got confirmed release date from the management?  In cases where the candidate is about to join in 60-90days, such cases happen regularly. Now this again depends on multiple factors, if the offered candidate does not respond to your calls, or mails, recruiters do normally wait. If you are lucky, the candidate then calls you back and then you can take a breath of fresh air. It should not always be that you as a recruiter are only calling. At times candidates also do call to update their status for getting release dates.

–  Avoiding sending Resignation Copy :

This is one of the best indicators for any recruiter. This shows the seriousness of the candidate who is about to join you. Again there is still no guarantee that he will still join you, but you can gauge the seriousness, and the efforts made by the candidate to put his papers down.  Mostly recruiters ask candidates to send a scan copy of their resignation letter. Some are system generated, some are via mails. Either of one is fine.

–  Candidate asking for extension or making excuses about location or money:

This is a common sign that a recruiter comes across while hiring. After accepting an offer, if the candidate asks for more extension, recruiters need to find out the reason. And if its genuine, extension can be given. But candidates often say that company is not reliving me even after serving entire Notice Period, and then this is fishy. Often some out stationed candidates bring up the issue of relocation and extra money, after accepting the offer. As a recruiter one needs pick up these hints and act accordingly.

Well, these are just some of the indicators that can help the recruiters to identify the seriousness of the offered candidate. It would be interesting to know your views and feedback on the following topic. You too can share your experiences to the audience right here. Happy Recruiting.

KunalKunjal Kamdar has been involved in sourcing for the last eight years, having worked in both recruitment and sourcing capacities. Currently, he works with Quinnox Consultancy Services in India as a Talent Acquisition Group Lead. Kunjal enjoys sourcing and using Social Media to expand and innovate new channels in the recruitment process. Blogging is his real passion, and he in turn loves sharing his passion for sourcing and social media with others in the recruiting community. Check out his blog at Rambling Recruiter’s Blog. Connect with him on LinkedIn and on twitter @kunjal23



  1. Agree! Candidate not responding to calls, mails n SMS is the most frequently encountered scenario which indicates candidate’s disinterest in joining.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How the hell can you ask for candidate’s details before joining? All documentation and verification can be done on the day of joining. If anything is not right, you can deny joining to the candidate.

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