The Adoption of Social Learning

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“Social learning is something that we do naturally, all the time, but it can also refer to formalized activities, scaffolded learning encounters that organisations can provide. The potential of social learning is to help us make sense of what we learn and to use that meaning to do things differently, to change cultures and mindsets, to learn.”: says, Julian Stodd

Join us,while we discuss  ‘The Adoption of Social Learning’ with our honored guest  Julian Stodd, Learning Architect and CEO at SouthWest Productions: a global learning consultancy on Jan 28th, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 8.30 CST / 9.30 EST.

Here are a few questions that we would be discussing:

1. How are communities used to support learning in organisations?
2. How does the use of learning communities strengthen learning?
3. Are there cultural issues in the adoption of social learning approaches?
4. Who owns the conversations?
5. What about in regulated areas such as the armed forces, healthcare or financial services?
6. Does the technology matter? What are the best tools to use?

Meet Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd is the Learning Architect and CEO at SouthWest Productions: a global learning consultancy.

He works with organisations to help them design and deliver better learning.

Julian has a combination of academic research and industry experience, culminating him founding a leading UK e-learning business in 1990. Delivering a wide range of professional training into a range of industry sectors, from Financial to Healthcare and Education, Julian has a strong focus on the underlying educational methodology, believing that our challenge is to create solutions that are both engaging and effective. Much of his work is around skills development for teams, leadership, mentoring and coaching.

With a strong creative background, Julian’s team include musicians, film makers and storytellers, as well as the more typical technologists, leading to the creation of materials are are highly dynamic and allow learners to explore and reflect.Today, most of Julian’s work increasingly involves writing, consultancy and conference presentations around social leadership and learning, mobile learning, organisational culture change and pure e-learning strategy. He is an active blogger ( publishing articles and regular podcasts on a range of learning topics. Connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on twitter at @Julianstodd.

Join us while we discuss!

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