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  • Storify on ‘The role of Analytics in HR

    Storify on ‘The role of Analytics in HR

    Thank you so much to our audience on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and our Youtube subscribers for watching & promoting the show – a LIVE Global Panel discussion on ‘The Role of Analytics in HR’ on August 5th, Tuesday at 8pm IST / 9.30 am CST /10.30 am EST with our honored guests. [View the story “Storify on ‘The role of Analytics in HR” on Storify]

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  • The Role of Analytics in HR

    The Role of Analytics in HR

    At India HR LIVE we are committed to helping you transform HR. And one of the key components in transforming HR function into a true business partner is the ability to analyze workforce data effectively and find answers to key business questions.  HR has access to unprecedented data or let me say ‘Big Data’  where we now can measure, analyze and forecast business analytics. Using metrics, measurements and predictive analysis will help you provide actionable information and insights to make key business decisions […]

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