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  • Women at Work – Gender Diversity

    Women at Work – Gender Diversity

      Wait!! Women are at work… Now have you ever heard this? Answer is obvious, women have always been working however now they are omnipresent and work has new dimensions altogether. Still this doesn’t mean that the journey has been a cake walk. As much as the multi-talented , multifaceted fairer sex juggles between personal and professional front to walk as much as a mam would, they still encounter resistance and hurdles at various stage. So to discuss the depth […]

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  • Are Women deliberate about their careers

    Are Women deliberate about their careers

      Marriage, Maternity, miscarriages are amongst those major and sometimes unfortunate life events and challenges that women face in advancing their career. On top of it women still have to fight against gender and pay inequality and discrimination to break that glass ceiling. But how can they do that? How can women be more deliberate about the career choices that they make? How can they manage these life events and still be successful in their career. Here are some thoughts […]

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