Smart ways to use social media to get hired

Dec3rd - Copy

According to a study published by Career Arc, two out of three companies will implement social recruiting in 2014. Social Recruiting is getting real!!

While more companies are expanding their social recruiting efforts in 2014, for a job seeker knowing what it takes to attract and engage recruiters on social media can help them find a job easier. What you share or tweet can have positive or negative impact on what recruiters think of you!

Inviting all Job seekers and careerists to join us while India HR LIVE team reveals the ‘Smart ways to use social media to get hired on Dec 3rd, Tuesday at 8PM IST / 8.30 CST / 9.30 EST.

Recruiters and Hiring managers are watching what you do on social media!  What are recruiters looking for?
What are some techniques that recruiters use to find talent on social media?
What are some ways to catch the attention of recruiters before you even apply for a job?

Join us while we discuss!

Do you have any questions for our guests, hit the hashtag #IndiaHRLIVE during the LIVE show!!

Where can you watch the LIVE show?
You can watch the LIVE show at our website Home Page or at our Youtube
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  1. Yes i am also agree with your points, on the time of joining recruiter will check you in detail through these social media platforms…and match all the things with your resumes.

  2. Nisrat says:

    That’s very much true. Due to the increasing effect of social media in our daily life, recruiters want people who are more open and can engage easily.

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