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Sarang Brahme says, ‘For me- Magic is Sourcing and Sourcing is Magic!!‘ A truly passionate professional who is geeked about using social tools in attracting and engaging talent. His current gig is to help build a social recruiting and employer branding strategy for Capgemini. You can follow him on twitter at @SarangBrahme. Watch out for this space to see him speak next month! And we are glad to have him share his secrets for success at work through our ‘Social HR at Work‘ series.


Who am I & what I do?
I am Social Recruiting fanatic and love everything about social media and talent sourcing. I’m passionate about learning and adapting new age talent sourcing and engagement platforms. I am India Social Recruiting Lead at Capgemini and also a sourcing trainer.

My computer
Always has 1000s of web pages, excel sheets and documents open – including all social media channels open at every moment. Filled with loads of widgets and browser extensions which help me on my day to day job.

My mobile
Just bought a new HTC One X+ to have a fully loaded social experience :). I’m always connected with all social apps including WhatsApp, FourSquare, Sonar (helps me to track people). The least used functionalities are SMS and calls :)

How many apps do I have on my phone!
Wow! I can’t count them all as I have loads of them. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, FourSquare, Google maps, Calendar, WeChat, Instagram, Pinterest, Skype, Vine, Waze, Yammer, Youtube… phew..

A gadget I can’t live without! (other than computer /phone)
I love music – my MP3 player.

What do I love about my workstation/desk.
It’s always clean :)

What helps me work smart (Share your time saving tip/or a tool that you use to save time or to schedule your job)
I use Google Calendar, Outlook calendars effectively. Helps me to keep track of my daily schedule. No more stickers :)

How do I start my day at work
A little prayer and check all social media stream first before opening up my inbox.

What do I listen to while I work?
Depends on my mood. Monday songs are different from Friday. Usually a mix in Bollywood and Hollywood.

What do I do on my work break?
Have tea / snacks with my work-gang!

What are 3 things I value at work?

What’s the next challenge for me at work?
Spreading the goodness of Social Recruiting across various groups in Capgemini globally.

What’s the best career advice I have ever received
In the long run, nothing else speak louder than your ethics, work and results.

What I love about social media & My favorite social media tools based on what I use frequently.
The power of social media to engage your target audience and be engaged with them in a democratic environment.


What’s my golden mantra that made me who I am today!
Be passionate about whatever you choose as your career and strive for excellence in the same. Don’t run after money but it will follow you due to your passion and results in longer run. Always be intuitive about “What’s new” in the market and adapt the change. Be open and connect with your community while sharing thoughts and learn from them.


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