Recruiters’ Round Table with The Recruiting Animal Crew


The recruiting industry is always evolving and highly competitive than ever before. The question is how can you excel in what you do – which is attract, connect with, engage and hire the right talent.

Well, there is a saying, “Being around smart people makes you smarter”

It is true in the case of recruiting as well. Being around smart recruiting professionals and learning from their experience will help you become smarter than before. And I recommend every recruiter to tune in to The Recruiting Animal show, aka Animal Show – The #1 Call – in show in Recruiting Radio, hosted by @Animal who is known for his brutally honest, fun and engaging straight talk. Another highlight of his show is the panel chat with the diverse and regular call-in guests who are top Recruiters/Sourcers/Employer branding experts from across the United States.

Guess what, Recruiting Animal is joining us on our next show with his entire #Animalcrew of Top Recruiters/sourcers/Employer branding experts.

This will be unlike any of our regular shows that you have seen before. I can tell you this will be a show with a lot of surprises, bluntness, critiques yet informative and entertaining discussion on some of the standard issues in recruiting right now.

So Mark your calendar and join us as we host our first ‘Recruiters’ Round Table with the Recruiting Animal Crew’ on September 30th 2014, at 8pm IST, 9.30 am CST, 10.30am EST. 

And tweet your comments & questions with a hashtag #IndiaHRLIVE to join the conversation with our #IndiaHRLIVE ambassadors

Here are some of the thoughts that we will start off with but it can go in any direction from there.

Social Recruiting & Employer brand

  • What is the role of social recruiting today?
  • Why Social Recruiting doesn’t get good reviews on The Recruiting Animal Show?
  • Is hiring for culture fit is just another bogus fad?
  • If your client has an employment branding video that shows everyone in the office dancing and smiling
  • would you send that to a candidate as relevant information?

Phone/Video in Recruiting

  • What’s the role of telephone in recruiting today?
  • Does phone sourcing still have a place in recruiting today?
  • What is the role of video interviewing today?

Recruiters Vs HR/HiringManager

  • Why do recruiters hate HR?
  • What kind of problems do recruiters typically run into with hiring managers?
  • Do recruiters lie about the jobs they are promoting in order to get people interested?
  • Some people think online technology and marketing are going to replace recruiting. Is it going to be the end of Recruiting Agency?

Recruiters Vs Candidates

  • How honest are candidates?
  • When do recruiters trust their gut?
  • How & when to bring up the discussion of salary with candidates?
  • How difficult is it to find candidates for a job that involves relocation?
  • Recruiters & Candidates – Being Anonymous on LinkedIN!

Meet our guests!- Featuring A Galaxy of Stars

IndiaHR Recruiting AnimalRecruiting Animal, host of the Recruiting Animal Show
TWITTER: @animal


IndiaHR Jeremy Roberts alt 1
Jeremy Roberts, Head Honcho of Sourcecon.


IndiaHR Maureen Sharib

Maureen Sharib, the most famous Telephone Sourcer in the world.
TWITTER: @MaureenSharib 


IndiaHR Amy AlaAmy Ala, a Staffing Consultant at Microsoft and the most cocksure recruiter on the internet
TWITTER: @AlaRecruiter 


IndiaHR cathy-anderson

Cathy Suzanne Anderson, Senior Sourcing Specialist at Deloitte
TWITTER: @CathyMannis 


IndiaHR DerekZellerDerek Zeller, Managing Director of
TWITTER: @DerDiver 



IndiaHR Celinda ApplebyCelinda Appleby, a Global Talent Acquisition Digital Media Program Manager at Hewlett Packard
and a winner of the 2014 Glassdoor Talent Warrior Award.
TWITTER: @CelindaAppleby 


IndiaHR WillThomson alt 1Will Thomson, Global Sales Recruiter with Rosetta Stone
TWITTER: @WillRecruits 


IndiaHR Blake Cannon alt 1Blake Cannon, Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner at Press Ganey Associates
TWITTER: @BlakeCannon


Join us while we discuss!

Do you have any questions for our guests, hit the hashtag #IndiaHRLIVE on twitter during the LIVE show or post your comments on Google Plus Hangout on Air window here

Where can you watch the LIVE show?

You can watch the LIVE show during the scheduled time at India HR LIVE website : This page &  Home Page LIVE Youtube channel: Google Plus: India HR LIVE page



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