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If you are on our Facebook/LinkedIn group India HR LIVE speaker and learners, most of you might have received an invite from Raghunandan, Well, we appreciate his courtesy in helping us reach out to new audience. So here we thought why can’t we have his continued support at India HR LIVE officially as a Community Manager. Read more about him here!

Raghunandan is a passionate HR generalist with over 17 years of experience in the industry. He has been currently into consulting assignments on HR Projects specializing into OD interventions and Employee Engagement activities. He is widely networked across social networking sites and been a mentor, coach, advisor to his professional colleagues, students of HR and is a visiting guest speaker at B Schools.

He is associated with Professional HR bodies like National HRD Network, MTHR Global and SHRM and by moderating the online groups for National HRD Network, Bangalore Chapter and Association of Bangalore Coaches on Facebook and Linkedin. His hobbies include photography, nature treks, travel blogs and networking with different minds and volunteers for social causes. Connect with him on Linkedin and on Twitter at @svraghunandan

Q&A with SVR ( Raghunandan)

Ok, have seen this face on Social Media, but let’s get to know the person a little bit!

What makes you who you are as a person.
A friendly, responsible, approachable person who believes in social networking can build a vibrant tribe which enable you to thinks alike and contribute to the community at large. Being helpful and resourceful has been my passion and have started wearing many hats to support the causes strategically that I am connected with.

Fill us in your title, company and what you do for a living.
Freelancer in HR – Chief Enabler @ Ess Vee Associates focusing on HR Projects which involves Designing the HR structure for the new setups, plan and implement the strategies to make the operation LIVE.

What’s your game plan with India HR LIVE, why you do what you do here! –
Make it a more vibrant, knowledge sharing and learning platform for HR Professionals and enable discussion on best HR Practises which is shared with the Global community.

Enough of the serious stuff! Let’s move to something fun & personal about you!

What are your favorite movies and why!
Not a movie buff, but watch Indian motivational and inspiring movies during my free times. Laagan has been my all time favourite.

What is the one lame thing you are excited about!
Excited about nature explorations and going for long drives.

Share something that you feel is awkward and interesting about you
Workaholic, can work at a stretch 24 x 7 without bothering about my appetite………… which boosts my confidence that i can achieve anything that comes my way.

Name the book you read recently and why do you think our readers should check it out.
I am a passionate follower of Devdutt Patnaik and Abhijit Bhaduri for their candid writing about the Indian philosophy and the mindset of Indian HR Professionals. Devdutt Patnaik’s Business Sutra has brought new dimensions about what we are and where we stand to what we can do along with the Indian Mythology.
Abhijit Bhaduri’s Don’t hire the best a must read book for all professionals and where we make mistakes of not hiring the best minds and go over a brand to hire professionals. MBA – Married but Available reflects the typical Indian mindset of a professional and how it affects our work life balance. Follows all eminent writers, bloggers on tweeter.

Name your favorite gadget that you can’t live without.
My Laptop / My windows phone

What do you love & hate about HR.
Love to connect with fellow HR Professionals and participate in the live chat shows and Webinars and share best practises. and hates professional politics for gaining mileage for personal use.

Finally, Why our audience should care about what you do as a community connect here.
To understand different perspectives of management and if you believe in practical approach than theory.


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