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We are excited to introduce a new member of our team #IndiaHRLIVEwriters- Nupur Phatak. Read on to know a little more about her and what she has in store for you all.

An MBA in HR and M.A. in Psychology, I’ve a right mix of corporate, teaching and training experience of 9 years. Currently working with Diaspark Infotech Private Limited, Indore, in the past I’ve worked for NSE.IT Ltd., Mumbai as a Human Resource Specialist, ICSI Indore Chapter as a Soft Skills Trainer and University of Indore as HR Faculty for MBA stream. My special interest areas in HR domain are Training, Employee Engagement, Retention and Talent Acquisition. I’ve an inclination towards writing, photography, sketching & interior designing. I love singing too no matter how bad a singer I’m! A mother of a 2 year old, it couldn’t have been better as an HR professional because a toddler sure teaches you ways to be patient, lenient and be strict-all at the same time which acts as a top-up to your knowledge and experience in dealing with employees. People (Family, Friends and Colleagues) are very important to me in my life as they are my assets! Here are my social connects are: Linkedin; Facebook; Blog.

Q&A with Nupur!!

Ok, have seen this face on Social Media, but let’s get to know the person a little bit!

What makes you who you are as a person?
In one word, people. Yes, truly speaking it is the people in my life who make me what I’m today! If I still have to answer the above, it is- Humor, Art, Passion and Education is what has made me ME.

Fill us in your title, company and what you do for a living!
Currently I’m associated with Diaspark Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Indore as Manager-Human Resource, India operations. In a bit, Diaspark is one of the leading global providers of Information Technology services with expertise in enterprise software, product engineering, mobile applications and IT consulting space with domain expertise in Media, Entertainment, Publication, Healthcare and Jewelry.

What’s your game plan with India HR LIVE, why you do what you do here!
There is an idea to meet, greet and treat the HR fraternity at one place. I believe HR is one area wherein there would be numerous experiences and views about one facet of the subject. To be able to share it with other HR experts is by all means a privilege, which I’m enjoying by being part of this drive 

Enough of the serious stuff! Let’s move to something fun & personal about you!

What are your favorite movies and why!
Am I supposed to give serious motivational answers here? 😉 Okay, promise me that you won’t laugh; one of my favorite movies is ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’, a Bollywood flick that I’m sure we all are aware of. The only reason why I love this movie is- Family! In present state of our lives wherein more and more nuclear family set-ups are taking place, this movie brings in the chance to see how an idea family looks like! Otherwise I’m a sucker of rom-coms & tear jerker movies like ‘Just go with it’, ‘Labor Pains’, ‘It’s Complicated’, ‘Devil Wears Prada’, ‘DCH’, ‘DDLJ’, ‘Kaksparsh’, ‘Shawshank Redemption’, ‘The Boy in striped pajamas’, ‘Jab We Met’ … you get the drift, right?

What is the one lame thing you are excited about!
Lame I’m not sure but little things excite me like sitting in balcony on a lazy Sunday and reading, Watching a movie every Friday, Writing blogs (personal & professional), waiting for readers to comment, tugging in with the daughter, cooking for family, pitter patter of rain drops, going on long drives….

Share something that you feel is awkward and interesting about you!
When I first shared this write-up with Nisha, I had skipped answering this question and had thought it would pass but not to my relief Nisha caught it 😉 and here I’m, trying to answer this question!!! Okay, I don’t know what is so awkward about me which could be interesting at the same time, but something that I feel is interesting is I can talk exactly like a small baby, who has just started talking- in the same tone, voice and pronunciation . Secondly, I sure am a people’s person but I can be as lonely as one could be at the same time. Thirdly, I remember everything that happened in the farthest past, birth dates & anniversary dates of anyone and everyone I want to remember of and that is forever-even today my friends & family rely on me to remind them of other’s b’days and special days to wish .

Name the book you read recently and why do you think our readers should check it out.
I read ‘Business Sutra’ by Devdutt Pattnaik and I loved the way he has presented the management concepts via mythology. The connection is amazing and pictorial depictions are a treat to the eyes.
I would also recommend ‘The Palace of Illusions’ by Chitra Banarjee Divakaruni, which is based on the famous Mahabharata. The ‘other’ point of view is very interesting and we can safely call it as ‘Draupadi’s Mahabharata’. It not only gives you an insight to the epic tale but also brings forth the management lessons;it is a known fact that the ‘Bhagwad Gita’ is used by many management gurus to explain management concepts. A must read by all means!

Name your favorite gadget that you can’t live without.
I’m a very boring type of person in this department. All I’m glued to is my Samsung Grand which lets me surf through the internet, lets me check office emails and click pictures!

What do you love & hate about HR?
Love the fact that HR is by the people, of the people and for the people. Hate the fact that there is nothing I can put my finger on something that I hate about HR!!!

Finally, Why our readers should read what you write here?
Every bit, every experience and every piece of knowledge counts in contributing to make any fraternity a better place and I’m trying to make that tiny contribution by being a part of this drive and adding my bit. Hoping it will help, make you laugh and see through my point of view which could be similar or drastically different than yours, in other words, adding variety to the sea of thoughts and experiences! Looking forward to a great journey of knowledge sharing with all of you!



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