#IndiaHRLIVEYear1 Celebrations

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At India HR LIVE we started off with an intention to transform HR by one show at a time. An initiative that we started this time last year has now grown to a global level and we are super proud about it.

Using technology, we lead out a learning platform where our audience can learn from insightful panel discussions and one on one interviews with the  thought leaders around the world. And we are honored and humbled to have the support of our guests who join us to share their valuable thoughts and unique experiences on our platform that helps our community grow day by day by learning and unlearning the ins and outs of Human Resources function. Well, not just about Human Resources but other aspects of business too.

Last year we were humbled to have the support of  Yashwant Mahadik, Senior Vice President – Head of HR Business Transformation, IT and Global head of learning at Philips Electronics India Ltd and Gautam Ghosh, GM-HR Strategy & project at Philips Electronics India Ltd, to launch our very own first show of India HR LIVE that created great traction and even today is one of  the most watched show. Throughout this first year we broadcast another 40 shows, with 90 amazing guests around the globe from India, US, UK, Australia, Canada, Netherlands. So far our highest Social media impacts for a single show are 867 tweets, 2,881,385 Impacts 103 contributors.

Time flies just like that and we have a long way to go. And it is a time to celebrate this wonderful moment with all of our  India HR LIVE ambassadors  and thanks to all of our great speakers.

#IndiaHRLIVEyear1 – Tweetathon

While thanking everyone we would like to invite you all for the celebrations on July 29th when we will be doing a tweetathon- please note the hashtag #IndiaHRLIVEyear1. Join us on twitter throughout the day and share your love and especially let us know what you think of India HR LIVE

#IndiaHRLIVEyear1 – Special show

Again at India HR LIVE the celebrations wouldn’t be complete without a Google Hangout. Right? We are doing a special show on July 29th at 8pm IST where you will get to know some “behind the scene” stories from our crew and this time we are going public. Anyone from our audience can join us on the LIVE show and share what you love about India HR LIVE. So come in and join the fun.

And we have a surprise Newbie joining our team. Stay tuned to get to know who that is!

Join us on Google plus here: 

Google Plus Hangout on Air window here

Where can you watch the LIVE show?

You can watch the LIVE show during the scheduled time at India HR LIVE website : This page &  Home Page LIVE Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/IndiaHRlive Google Plus: India HR LIVE page



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