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India HR LIVE presents a new series ‘Social HR at work‘ where Social HR Pros will be sharing their secrets for success at work and what helps work smart. Be it technology, social media or managing and organizing their work. Would you want to know what’s their golden mantra that made them who they are today! Stay tuned! We will be sharing their answers in this series every week.

We are so honored to have  Gautam Ghosh joining us today to kick off the series!  Gautam is a thought leader in the HR & Social Media space and India’s number one social media evangelist. He is the go to person for social media trends in human resources and Indian business adoption. And if you are one of his followers, you might be already learning his great work on building employer brand of Philips India. Stay tuned to see him speak in this space on July 31st at IST.


Who am I & what I do!
Hi, my name is Gautam Ghosh and I work at Philips India as GM – HR Strategy and Projects, helping the organization leverage social technologies.

My computer
Is a HP elitebook

My mobile
Nokia Lumia 710

How many apps do I have on my phone!
Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Evernote, Nokia Maps, Default Browser, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn

A gadget I can’t live without! (other than computer/phone)

What do I love about my workstation/desk!
Nothing really. I can work out of any place in the office

What helps me work smart! (Share your time saving tip/or a tool that you use to save time or to schedule your job)
Using BufferApp to schedule tweets

How do I start my day at work!
Check Email and Twitter @ replies. Check Facebook page messages

What do I listen to while I work!
Nothing really

What do I do on my work break!
Drink coffee. Read newspapers online

What are the 3 things I value at work!
Ability to chat and disturb my colleagues. Using the internal social network to connect with SMEs around the world. Using IM to share documents with colleagues

What’s the next challenge for me at work!
Help the Rewards and Learning groups leverage social tech.

What’s the best career advice I have ever received!
“Be who you want to be, every one else wants to be someone else”

What I love about social media & my favorite social media tools based on what I use frequently!
Social Media helps me in connecting and learning from worldwide experts. My favorite tools are Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest

What’s my golden mantra that made me who I am today!
Forget planning – concentrate on learning something new every day!



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