Employer Branding & Social Recruiting trends in India!

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Recruitment industry has evolved to a wide spectrum with the emergence of social media! But it’s not just a matter of broadcasting jobs through social media tools!
Successful employers are more proactive in using social tools to connect and engage with their candidates. They build their talent communities, showcase their employer brand and attract top talent.

And for candidates, with the help of various websites like Glassdoor & twitter feeds, transparency helps them decide on the right company that showcases a great employer brand.

Stay tuned! India HR LIVE shares the stage with our honored guestsKunjal Kamdar, Lead- Talent Acquisition Group at Quinnox & Rimjhim Ray, Head – Social Media Strategy at Tata Consultancy Services on August 7th, Wednesday, 8PM IST / 9.30AM CT to discuss Employer Branding & Social Recruiting trends in India! You can follow them on twitter @kunjal23 & @GlobeSlother

And here are some thoughts that we will be covering!
Does India get social recruiting?
What is social recruitment & Where does recruitment start and end in a social recruitment process?
What are some challenges in attracting top talent?
What’s the role of hiring managers and recruiters in representing their employer brand at the front end of the recruitment process?
Does employer branding have a significant impact on the ability to attract top talent.
How to leverage social media in understanding the perception of your organization’s employer brand?

Join us while we discuss Employer Branding & Social Recruiting trends in India!
Do you have any questions for our guests, hit the hashtag #IndiaHRLIVE during the LIVE show!!

Where can you watch the LIVE show?
You can watch the LIVE show at our website http://IndiaHRLIVE.com or at our Youtube
channel http://www.youtube.com/user/IndiaHRLIVE/live during the scheduled time.


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