Employer Branding and Social Recruiting – Thoughts from the event


When I was invited to be a part of the live chat on employer branding and social recruiting I had two feelings. One – ofcourse I was excited – topics close to my heart, co-participants I am fond of. And employer branding and social recruiting are still catching up in India – so we are at the exploratory stage which is always a good time to begin. The second feeling was one of ambivalence. The concept of employer brand and social recruiting is a thorny issue – so while many people proclaim support for it there are not many adopters as yet. So sounding convincing and discussing implementable ideas would be a challenge. Plus the topics are vast and open-ended – how much can we fit in to 30 minutes.  Well looks like we ended up putting the ambivalence aside and having a great show.

And to think of it a day before the show we were struggling with technical glitches. I am a great fan of Google hangout but looks like we were not just getting it right with our devices playing truant. We hammered out the issue and at 1 am IST a bleary eyed panel declared – Yes things work. We magically did not have the dark circles when we appeared for the show. And the show was almost a cakewalk after the technology war.

Having a wonderful host – Nisha Raghavan and an insightful co-panelist  Kunjal Kamdar made things easy. Kunjal’s caution that while social recruiting is an evolving fad, using it for tactical needs may not make sense, helped put things into perspective. The talk went into various areas – employer brand as a competitive advantage, the pros and cons of recruiting through social channels and advice to job seekers on how to brush up their social profiles. Whether or not you are recruited through social media, chances are the recruiter will use social media to look up your profile. It was great facing all the audience questions – I was glad people had hanged on with interest to the talk. There was the great point brought on by the audience on how social comes with its shares of pitfalls –the occasional outrage of disgruntled stakeholders. A point of view should encourage debate and it was great to have a spirited discussion around the topics.

A word about the HR Live Initiative – it is fantastic seeing HR experts come together to talk about contemporary issues. And the format encourages a wider debate and user participation. More power to the talks. And hope everyone has  a great time hanging out with us.

Click this link, If you missed to watch the show!

RimjhimRimjhim Ray heads the Social Media Marketing at Tata Consultancy Services. She is an experienced sales and marketing professional having led  global portfolios including new age solutions such as cloud, social media and mobility. She has also lead CS initiatives in various countries including UK and Ireland and have championed social media programs around sustainability. She is an avid blogger, marathoner and a social media practitioner. She holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Applications from Jadavpur University and a MBA from SP Jain, Mumbai. She also holds certificates in Social Media from Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK. She is an avid toastmaster and she is a part of the executive committee of Mumbai Toast Masters. Check out her blog at Globe-Slother. Connect with her on LinkedIn and on twitter @GlobeSlother.



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