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  • HR with a Personal Touch : Empathy & Trust

    HR with a Personal Touch : Empathy & Trust

    Employees are organization’s assets. Heard this before, haven’t we? And they are, for sure! But how do we manage these assets? “Retention” is the word here! Retaining employees is one of the herculean tasks for every HR professional. On the other hand, it has some simple techniques attached to it which would add to the list of monetary strategies to hold back your talent. Normally, when you talk about Retention, you talk about 2 types of methods : a) Monetary (giving […]

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  • HR : Humbly Responsible!

    HR : Humbly Responsible!

    Human Resource is a thankless job. I’ve heard this many a times from lot of HR professionals who have experienced “ups and downs” in their HR careers, they feel ironic to be in this field altogether. Well, I’m sure being into HR is not an easy job. It is like : there are many crying babies and limited stock of milk and you still have to manage and succeed!  In this tight rope walking activity of catering so many employees, with […]

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  • DOs & DON’Ts: Appearing in an Interview

    DOs & DON’Ts: Appearing in an Interview

    “How to go to an interview ?” A very typical question that props up in job seekers’ minds and trust me even those who have maybe appeared for lot of interviews already. However confident one is, interview jitters are a given fact, when one is the interviewee ! Interview is an integral part of Recruitment, how can we miss addressing this question ‘How to appear in an interview?’ ! Today I’m spilling the beans based on my experience as the […]

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