Abhijit Bhaduri at work

We are so glad to have Mr. Abhijit Bhaduri, the Chief Learning Officer of Wipro group and the author of three amazing best selling booksMediocre But ArrogantMarried But Available & Don’t Hire The Best sharing his secrets for success at work in our ‘Social HR at work‘ series.


Who am I & what I do?
Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer, Wipro Ltd.

My computer

My mobile

How many apps do I have on my phone!
Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp.

A gadget I can’t live without! (other than computer /phone)
My Electric Shaver:

What do I love about my workstation/desk. (Special Thanks to Elizabeth Indra for taking this photograph)
It has all the black ink pens, charcoal and white paper that I could possibly use.


What helps me work smart (Share your time saving tip/or a tool that you use to save time or to schedule your job)
I limit my socializing and television watching.

How do I start my day at work
Read the documents and presentations to prep for the day’s meetings.

What do I listen to while I work?
I have learnt that I get more done if I don’t multi-task.

What do I do on my work break?
Chat with colleagues over coffee.

What are 3 things I value at work?
Focus, Ideas, Diversity

What’s the next challenge for me at work?
Making learning more social.

What’s the best career advice I have ever received
Career is a journey through life.

What I love about social media & my favorite social media tools based on what I use frequently.
Social Media has helped to learn from newbies as much as I have from the experts. The ability to exchange ideas with the world.
I have been blogging for more than 8 years. Twitter and slideshare are my favorite tools.

What’s my golden mantra that made you who I am today?
Nihil Ultra – nothing is beyond.


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    A down to earth and immensely practical

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